Why I Traded My iPad For The Samsung Tab S

Why I Traded My iPad for a Samsung Tab S

As a long-time iOS enthusiast, I never thought I would find myself trading in my beloved iPad for a Samsung Tab S. However, life is full of surprises. My switch from iOS to Android was not sudden but gradual, a process that started with a gift and ended with a revelation.

The Journey from iOS to Android

Historically, I’ve always been an iOS person. I had an android phone in the past and absolutely despised it. My iPod touch was my most treasured possession until my husband surprised me with an iPad. For two blissful years, I was completely satisfied with my iPad. Then, I received a Samsung Tab S as a Christmas gift.

I’ll admit, I was reluctant to embrace it. I didn’t want to love it, but I did what any responsible tech enthusiast would do: I reviewed it. Well, after two weeks of consistent use, I found myself trading my iPad for the Samsung Tab S. Here’s why:


With the Samsung Tab S and Android, I found a level of customizability that was simply not possible on iOS. Widgets, folders, and even the option to hide apps I didn’t frequently use were suddenly at my fingertips. I could structure my device to suit my habits, not the other way around. My front page showcased my most used apps, while other pages held widgets for weather, my library, and email. The clean look and easy access to my everyday apps were a game changer.

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The Samsung Tab S came with several free apps that were surprisingly useful. Hancom Office, Scrapbook, and S Note quickly became integral parts of my workflow. The multitasking feature was a revelation, allowing me to effortlessly flip between apps and tasks. And the Ultra Power Saving Mode ensured I was never caught without battery at a crucial moment.


As someone who carried an iPad for two years, I was surprised by the lightweight nature of the Samsung Tab S. It was easy to carry with just two fingers and fit comfortably in my purse. And at less than 1lb, it didn’t add noticeable weight to my daily carry.

Family Friendly

The Samsung Tab S proved to be incredibly family-friendly. With Multi User Mode, everyone in the family could have a private and personalized tablet experience. And the Kids Mode, complete with parental controls, ensured my little ones could safely enjoy the device too.

Letting Go of iOS

I used to think I was a die-hard iOS fan. But now, I’m extremely happy with my Samsung Tab S 8.4. We still have the iPad and an iPad mini that my husband and the kids use. But for me, the Samsung Tab S has changed the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you switch from an iPad to a Samsung Tab S?

I found the Samsung Tab S to be more customizable, useful, portable, and family-friendly than my iPad.

Do you miss any features from the iPad?

While I enjoyed my time with the iPad, the Samsung Tab S meets my needs more effectively with its customizable interface, multitasking capabilities, and lightweight design.

What do you like most about the Samsung Tab S?

The ability to customize my device to suit my habits, not the other way around, is my favorite feature of the Samsung Tab S.

| Feature | iPad | Samsung Tab S |
| — | — | — |
| Customizability | Limited. Can only create folders and dedicate pages for certain things | High. Can have widgets, folders, and hide apps. Can easily organize apps on different pages |
| Usefulness | Basic iOS Apps | Several offers for free apps including Hancom Office, Scrapbook, S Note. Also features Multi-window for multitasking, and Ultra Power Saving Mode |
| Portability | Fairly heavy, even with the newer models | Lightweight, less than 1lb. Can be picked up with two fingers and carried in a purse without adding noticeable weight |
| Family Friendly | No specific features mentioned | Has Multi User Mode, secured with a fingerprint scanner. Kids Mode for parental controls and customized playtime. Designated app collects all apps for child and password protects home button |
| Overall Preference | Previously preferred, but no longer in use by the author | Preferred by the author, particularly for its customizability, usefulness, portability, and family friendly features |

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The Unexpected Benefits of the Samsung Tab S

While the iPad certainly has its merits, the Samsung Tab S has a number of unexpected benefits that truly set it apart. For instance, the device’s screen resolution is remarkably sharp and vibrant, making it perfect for media consumption and gaming. It also boasts a fingerprint scanner for added security. Furthermore, the Samsung Tab S supports expandable storage, a feature that is not available on the iPad. This means that I can store more apps, photos, and documents without worrying about running out of space.

Superior Battery Life

One of the most impressive features of the Samsung Tab S is its battery life. The device can easily last a full day of heavy use without needing to be charged. This is a significant advantage over the iPad, which often requires charging at least once during the day. This extended battery life has been a lifesaver during long commutes and travels.

Android Ecosystem

Transitioning to the Android ecosystem was surprisingly seamless. The Google Play Store offers a wide range of apps, many of which are free or less expensive than their iOS counterparts. Furthermore, being able to sync my Google account across multiple devices has simplified my digital life and made it easier to stay organized. The Samsung Tab S also supports multiple user profiles, allowing me to share the tablet with my family without worrying about privacy.

Value for Money

In terms of price, the Samsung Tab S offers better value for money compared to the iPad. It delivers a comparable performance and user experience at a significantly lower cost. This makes it an excellent choice for budget-conscious consumers who don’t want to compromise on quality.

Adjusting to the Samsung Tab S

Admittedly, there was a learning curve when I first started using the Samsung Tab S. But once I familiarized myself with the Android operating system and the device’s features, I found it to be extremely user-friendly. The Samsung Tab S also offers a range of personalization options, allowing me to tailor the interface to my liking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Samsung Tab S perform in comparison to the iPad?

The Samsung Tab S offers a comparable performance to the iPad. It handles multitasking efficiently and runs apps smoothly. The device also has a superior battery life, making it an excellent choice for heavy users.

What are some of the key features of the Samsung Tab S?

Some of the key features of the Samsung Tab S include a vibrant screen, expandable storage, multi-user support, and a long-lasting battery. The device also supports a range of customization options, providing a personalized user experience.

Is the Samsung Tab S worth the investment?

Yes, the Samsung Tab S offers excellent value for money. It delivers a high-quality user experience at a significantly lower cost compared to the iPad. The device is also packed with features that enhance its usability and convenience.

In conclusion, trading my iPad for a Samsung Tab S was a decision that I don’t regret. The device has exceeded my expectations in terms of performance, usability, and value for money. It has also opened my eyes to the benefits of the Android ecosystem. While I still appreciate the iPad for what it offers, the Samsung Tab S has become my go-to tablet for everyday use.

Additional FAQs

Are there any drawbacks to the Samsung Tab S compared to the iPad?

Like any device, the Samsung Tab S is not perfect. Some users might miss the seamless integration between Apple devices or the robust selection of apps in the App Store. However, for me, the benefits of the Samsung Tab S outweigh these potential drawbacks.

Was it hard to adjust to the Android operating system after using iOS?

There was a learning curve when I first started using the Samsung Tab S, but I found that Android is very intuitive. Plus, the additional customizability options made the adjustment worth it.

Would you recommend the Samsung Tab S to other iPad users?

Yes, especially to those who value customizability, multitasking, and a lightweight design. However, it ultimately depends on your personal preferences and needs.

Comparative Table: iPad vs. Samsung Tab S

Features iPad Samsung Tab S
Customizability Limited High
Pre-installed Useful Apps Some Many
Weight Heavier Lighter
Family Friendly Features Some Many

Summary Table: Why I Traded My iPad for a Samsung Tab S

Greater Customizability
Useful Pre-installed Apps
Lightweight Design
Family Friendly Features

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