Taking The Perfect Selfie With LuMee

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’re trying to capture the perfect selfie, but the lighting just ruins everything? I know I have, and as a frequent selfie-taker, it can be incredibly frustrating. But guess what? That’s where the LuMee comes in and saves the day! This nifty phone case is an absolute game-changer for all selfie enthusiasts out there. Let’s dive deeper into the world of taking the perfect selfie with LuMee.

Light Up Your Selfie Game with LuMee

The LuMee case is not just any phone case. It’s a revolutionary accessory that lights up your face for that perfect selfie, no matter where you are. No more worrying about dark, unattractive photos. With LuMee, you’ll always be in the spotlight, quite literally!

An Easy and Protective Solution

But LuMee is not just about making you look good. It’s also about keeping your phone secure. The case is solid and provides excellent protection for your phone. And the best part? It’s not bulky at all and fits your iPhone like a glove. It comes with an on/off switch at the back and a charger, so you won’t have to worry about running out of battery.

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LuMee: A Must-Have Accessory for Every Phone

The LuMee case is available for iPhone 5/5s, 6/6Plus, and Samsung S5. And if you’re wondering about the color options, there’s plenty to choose from. From Black, White, Orchid, Nantucket Red, to Periwinkle, you’re sure to find a shade that matches your personality.

Connect with LuMee

If you want to stay updated with all things LuMee, make sure to connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions about LuMee

Now, let’s address some commonly asked questions about LuMee.

Is the LuMee case easy to put on and remove?

Absolutely! The LuMee case is designed for effortless installation and removal.

Does the LuMee case come with a charger?

Yes, the case comes with a charger. You can charge it whenever the battery gets low.

Does the LuMee case fit all phone models?

The LuMee case is currently available for iPhone 5/5s, 6/6Plus, and Samsung S5.

What colors does the LuMee case come in?

The LuMee case comes in five eye-catching colors: Black, White, Orchid, Nantucket Red, and Periwinkle.

In conclusion, the LuMee case is your ticket to taking the perfect selfie. It’s not just a phone case, it’s a tool that will elevate your selfie game to new heights. So why wait? Grab your LuMee case today and start capturing stunning selfies!

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| | LuMee Phone Case |
| Functionality | Lights up the face for perfect selfies in any lighting condition |
| Compatibility | iPhone 5/5s, 6/6Plus, Samung S5 |
| Colors | Black, White, Orchid, Nantucket Red, Periwinkle |
| Features | On/off switch at the back, comes with a charger |
| Size | Slim, not bulky |
| Protection | Solid, protective case |
| Social Media | Facebook, Twitter, Instagram |
| Website | http://lumeecase.com/ |

How does the LuMee case work?

The LuMee case works by using LED lighting on both the left and right sides of the case, creating a soft and beautiful light for your face. It’s like having your personal portable studio lighting everywhere you go. The brightness of the light can be adjusted according to your needs, ensuring that you always have the perfect lighting for your selfie.

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Why Choose LuMee Over Other Selfie Lighting Cases?

While there are several other selfie lighting cases available in the market, LuMee stands out for its unique design and excellent functionality. The light provided by the LuMee case is diffused, meaning it’s softer and doesn’t create harsh shadows. This results in more flattering selfies that highlight your best features. Additionally, the LuMee case is durable and provides good protection for your phone, making it a practical choice as well.

Can LuMee Improve Your Social Media Presence?

Yes, it can! In today’s digital age, having a strong social media presence is crucial. A big part of this is having high-quality, attractive photos. The LuMee case enables you to take stunning selfies anytime, anywhere. This could significantly improve the quality of your photos on social media, helping you gain more followers and increase your online influence.

How to Maximize Your LuMee Experience

While the LuMee case is fairly straightforward to use, there are a few tips that can help you maximize your experience. First, adjust the brightness of the light according to your environment. If you’re in a darker location, you may want to increase the brightness. If you’re in a well-lit area, a lower brightness may suffice. Second, experiment with angles. Try taking selfies from different angles to find what works best for you. Finally, make sure to keep your lens clean. A dirty lens can affect the quality of your selfies.

How Long Does the LuMee Battery Last?

The LuMee case comes with a rechargeable battery. On a full charge, the battery can last up to 2 hours on full brightness. However, if you use the light at a lower brightness, the battery can last much longer. This means you can take hundreds of selfies on a single charge!

Is LuMee Worth the Investment?

Yes, absolutely. If you’re someone who takes a lot of selfies, the LuMee case is definitely worth the investment. Not only does it provide excellent lighting for your photos, but it also serves as a protective case for your phone. It’s a win-win!

What Do Users Say About LuMee?

The reviews for LuMee are overwhelmingly positive. Users love the quality of the light and how it improves their selfies. Many also appreciate the case’s sleek design and the protection it offers for their phones.

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How to Care for Your LuMee Case?

While the LuMee case is designed to be durable, it’s still important to take good care of it to ensure it lasts. Avoid dropping the case from high places and keep it away from water. Also, make sure to charge the case properly using the provided charger.


So, there you have it. The LuMee case is not just a trendy accessory, it’s a tool that can significantly enhance your selfie game. It’s easy to use, provides excellent lighting, and protects your phone all at the same time. Whether you’re a selfie enthusiast or someone looking to improve their social media presence, the LuMee case is a must-have. So why wait? Light up your selfie game with LuMee today!

Additional Frequently Asked Questions about LuMee

How long does the LuMee case battery last?

The battery life of the LuMee case depends on usage, but typically it can last several hours on a single charge. This ensures you can take perfect selfies throughout the day or night.

How long does the LuMee case take to charge?

Charging times for the LuMee case can vary, but it generally takes around an hour to fully charge the case, ensuring you’re ready to take the perfect selfie at any time.

Does the light affect the phone’s camera quality?

No, the LuMee case light is designed to enhance your selfies. It provides a soft, flattering light that doesn’t interfere with the phone’s camera quality.

Can the light on the LuMee case be dimmed?

Yes, the LuMee case features adjustable brightness, allowing you to control the intensity of the light for your perfect selfie.

Does the LuMee case protect my phone from drops?

Yes, the LuMee case is not only a tool for taking the perfect selfie, it also provides excellent protection for your phone against everyday drops and bumps.

Comparison Table

Features LuMee Case
Lighting Built-in, adjustable
Compatibility iPhone 5/5s, 6/6Plus, Samsung S5
Colors Black, White, Orchid, Nantucket Red, Periwinkle
Protection Provides excellent protection against drops and bumps
Charging Comes with a charger

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