Top Benefits of Not Drinking Alcohol Anymore

Once you’ve finished a rehab treatment plan, you will likely notice that you have much more free time than before you entered rehab. Rather than binging on alcohol or looking for the next opportunity to get a drink, you have more time for loved ones.
Start to reconnect with family and friends, rebuilding relationships that might have been hurt by your intoxicated episodes. These relationships will help you through tough times in rehab, like getting through the alcohol withdrawal timeline. Once you leave the program, they’re there for you when you want someone to listen or to help you stay out of situations that tempt you to drink.
2. Fewer Regrets
Think back to some of those heavy drinking days and night. Likely you made decisions that you regretted the next day, especially if your emotions swung from one extreme to another during that time.
Whether you regretted how you treated someone or something, that’s in the past. Nowadays, you’ll be making decisions without being intoxicated, and a clear head can make for fewer regrets than before.
3. Save Money
How much of your paycheck was going toward alcoholic beverages? Did you borrow money to have a drink if you were behind in bill payments?
No matter which type of drink you liked the most, the cost of any booze can add up. A couple of beers here, a few bottles of wine there, and the money quickly goes over the month.
Also, if you are out on the town drinking rather than at home, you’ll have to add in secondary costs, such as taking an Uber or taxi to get home. Thus, a big benefit of giving up drinking is having more money in the bank.
Other Benefits When You Stop Drinking
Cutting out alcohol from your life can also help you lose weight. That makes sense given the high calorie count in a lot of the beverages. Furthermore, they’re empty calories, not adding any healthy component to the body. Skipping the booze can reduce your daily calorie consumption significantly.
Finally, swapping out alcohol for water or another non-boozy alternative might improve your skin. Alcohol dehydrates the skin and body tissues, which can prematurely age the skin. It also inflames bodily tissues, which can lead to redness of the skin.
When You Give Up Drinking
When abstaining from alcohol, you’ll likely see many benefits, including the major ones mentioned above. From feeling better about your skin to saving money and having more time with loved ones, there is a lot to look forward to over the years ahead.
The next chapter of your life after rehab holds a lot of promise. Thinking about the good things, rather than dwelling on the past, can help you stay on the sober path and enjoy a better quality of life than before.

Live Life Productively With These Tips!

If you’ve been told that you need to work from home, you’re going to have to concentrate on the work you’ve been given and not just the refrigerator or the TV. The best thing that you can do for yourself here is to remove distractions that threaten your working environment. Station yourself somewhere quiet where you can concentrate and get your work done correctly. The fewer distractions you have when you start, the faster you can finish your allocated tasks.
Play Music
Being on lockdown isn’t the best fun, but it’s better to be bored than the alternative and spreading a virus. So, crank up that music and get dancing. You can get your sweat on and exercise while giving yourself something to do. Getting your heart racing and moving your body will serve to make you feel good, too. There’s nothing wrong with ensuring that your spirits are lifted in a time where you are locked down and unable to go and dance at a club with your friends!
Eat Healthily
It’s hard to eat healthily when you are stuck indoors. You want to eat everything: it’s because of the boredom that this happens. You can be more productive with healthy meals and veggies inside you, as you are boosting your energy levels and giving your body something to work with. Eating well will keep you feeling motivated, too. There’s nothing wrong with eating junk occasionally, but make sure that you stick to the same eating schedules you would if you were leaving the house. Being inside means less walking for a lot of people, so don’t let it be the case for you!
FaceTime With Friends
Social distancing doesn’t mean cutting off all communication with your family members. Instead, it means making sure that you aren’t in close proximity with other people. That doesn’t apply to FaceTime or other methods of video chat! You can get everyone on a group chat and have a giggle together. You can even use Netflix Party to watch a movie at the same time and enjoy it together. You can use video chat to check in on your elderly family members, and you can ensure that you check in with your boss, too.
Productivity comes in many forms, and you can stay positive and productive when you are dealing with social distancing and isolation, too. Lockdown may keep you in your home for a few weeks, but it won’t be long until this is all a part of history. Stay safe, stay healthy and keep working – we’ve got this!

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