My #PuraVidaParty Bus Experience with Godsmack at the Rockstar UPROAR Festival

I am receiving a case of Pura Vida Ultimate Tequila, Backstage Pass & VIP All-Access Pass to the Rockstar UpRoar Festival in exchange for this post, However all thoughts & experiences are still 100% my own.

As you may already know, this past Wednesday I attended the Rockstar UPROAR Festival with Pura Vida Tequila!  Myself & Rachel from The Link Fairy were treated like VIPs in the Pura Vita Party Bus.

I got there around 4:30 (I would have liked to have gone sooner, but I had to get the kiddos from school) and was able to take in a little Buckcherry before I headed over to the bus!  They played on the second stage, and may not have been a “headliner” but they sure rocked the house!

After a few songs I headed over to the Bus..eeekkk..where I hung out for a bit and met some amazing people before heading back out and catching the end of Buckcherry.

After that it was time to head back to the bus to meet & greet with the band!  Even more of an eeekkk, just might have squeaked out!  By this time there were more VIPs around so the bus was getting pretty packed, but the mixologist had arrived so it was time for drinks!  I decided on the Sully Smash which I shared with you last week…if you missed it, you can get the recipe here!  

A crowd gathered outside the was time for the local contest winners to line up and get autographs from the band…

Godsmack finally rolled up on their golf carts…by this time Rachel and I were grinning ear to ear!  The band very graciously walked the line singing pictures and a tee-shirt or two.  Now is our time!  We loaded on the bus with the band and other VIPs and got to interview GODSMACK!!  

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Rachel: When did you know you wanted to be a rockstar?

Sully: “Since I was a kid, I always knew this is what I wanted to do.”

Me: When did you feel like you “made it”?

Sully: “When I got my first GOLD record.  I couldn’t believe so many people bought our record.”

Rachel: What is your favorite song to play?

Tony: “Voodoo”

Sully: “Really?!’

What’s your favorite Godsmack Song?

These guys are really down to earth and grateful for where they are!  After our interview, we all headed outside to do the 8:15 Toast!  We were handed a cup with a shot (or two) of Pura Vida Tequila.  

After the toast Godsmack got back on their golf carts and headed off to get ready for their performance.  

We hoped back on the bus for a few more drinks and conversation with the other VIP then around 7:30 we headed over to the main stage and was able to photograph the first three songs of Seether in the photo pit then enjoy the rest of their set off to the side of the pit.

Finally it’s 9:30 and time for GODSMACK to take the stage!  We got to go into the photo pit for the first three songs from them as well!  I loved being so close, and soaked up every moment!  After our three song limit was up we soaked up the rest of their set.  I really enjoyed when they rolled out the second drum set with Sully at them. Watching Sully & Shannon go at it was amazing!

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I only have two regrets from the evening…not getting a picture with them..and not getting anything autographed..but being up-close and personal has definitely been checked off my bucket list!  I did get a picture with Jason Cassidy who was with us on the bus!

Check out GODSMACK’s new album 1000hp on shelves and digital media now

And check out Pura Vida Tequila so you can experience your own Sully Smash (it really is to die for!)

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