Disney On Ice – 100 Years Of Magic

I have been such a huge Disney fan since I was a child..I have now passed this love of the magic that Disney brings to my kids!  Last night we attended the opening night of Disney On Ice 100 Year of Magic at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Tx.  The closer we got to the even the more excitement filled the truck.  We reached the American Bank Center and met up with our giveaway winners to give them there passes to attend.  I could see the excitement in their children’s faces too. 

photo courtesy of Rachel Young (ticket winner)

As we entered the event center the glow of the toys at the concession stands, the Disney memorabilia throughout the building and the staff who had that radiant glow and energy of Disney cast members provided you with a true feeling of being at Disney World.  You could feel the Disney magic oozing everywhere!

my boys patiently waiting

We wound our way through the crowds and excited children to our seats where we all sat in a row with excited children bouncing on the seat taking in the glow of the ice and the sounds of the vendors walking around selling goodies.  The first thing that you notice is the gigantic castle wall at the one end of the ice. Closer observation revealed the film strip accents that adorned the edges of the ice with the corners being the film reels.  As you look around at the other families you see just as much excitement and many of the children dressed in their favorite characters’ costumes and outfits.

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Rachel Young and her family patiently waiting…Christin Banda & Family (ticket winners)  next to them

All of a sudden it was show time!  Mickey and Minnie came out and began to host the evening and set the stage for what was to be a truly magical evening. I could here my four year old squeal with excitement over the roar of all the kids screaming.  The show truly brought 100 years of Disney to the ice in so many ways. The show ranged from bringing new Disney movies and characters to the ice like those from Toy Story, Lilo & Stitch all the way back to Pinocchio and even Jiminy Cricket. They were even able to bring “It’s a Small World” to the ice and truly feel that you were at Disney World.  I won’t reveal all that the show has to offer but will say that the surprises, the thrills of the performers and the excitement was non-stop. There were a few things that made this show so wonderful: 
For our family, the experience was beyond magical. My 4 year old was on the edge of his seat most of the night and kept cheering, singing, and truly feeling as a part of the show with the characters. As parents, it nearly brought us to tears to us to see how much happiness the magic of Disney brought to our family throughout the entire show from beginning to end. My four year old slept with his Mickey Mouse crown (with ears) last night and went off to school talking all about it this morning!  I hope he doesn’t drive them crazy. Overall, I would go see this show again and again and thank Disney for putting together such an amazing show and bringing the magic and world of Disney to those that can’t travel to them! Buy Mickey!  Hope to see you again soon! Disclosure:  I was provided passes for my family to attend the show in exchange for my time and efforts in reporting on the show, and hosting a giveaway sponsored by Feld Entertainment however I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Feld Entertainment  has not influenced the editorial nature of this post, and No other compensation was received. Please see our disclosure policy for more information.

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