Learn How The Legend Of The Neverbeast Music Came To Life

Today is a little bitter sweet…it’s my final coverage from my #McFarlandUSAEvent Trip to LA, but I get to share the behind the scenes look into the Tinkerbell and the legend of the Neverbeast music making process with Featured Instrumentalist Bleu McAuley & Music Supervisor Brett Swain !

Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast is Bleu’s very first film that he’s worked on, ever! The director, Steve Loter, was a big fan of his career for years, even listening to it on his daily 1 1/2 commute to work..and after one of Bleu’s shows, Steve approached him and mentioned he was working on a project and wanted to see if Bleu had interest in meeting with him to learn more. 

I walked into this building for my first meeting, and I was like, oh, man, I — I think I might be making some music for a Disney film.

Steve wanted something unique for this film, new sounds, especially for the Neverbeast, Gruff.

So the challenge for me was to come up with this unique sound palette for him and all the other characters in the film. So I’ll talk briefly about the instruments that we used for Gruff.

He shows us how he incorporated planters that he turned upside down and how they fit perfectly on cymbal stands. He talks about how they got dozens of pots, all different kinds, because they all have their own unique pitches. They also pulled in some drum sounds with different types of drums and a tin trash can.

Bleu knew that he wanted to use acoustic stringed instruments in the film because he has a big background in that and alternate tunings and low strung guitars and high-strung guitars and all these sorts of different things.  

But I didn’t want it to be an acoustic guitar score ’cause again that has a specific connotation of folk music or country music or the west and that kinda thing. I didn’t want to place it in that territory. So, I was looking for new ways to play acoustic instruments.

So they created a unique sound with a guitar and dulcimer hammers, which requires two people to work the instrument.  They call the instrument a dulcetar, which is a combination of the two instruments used. You will hear this sound a lot when you see Fawn.

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Then he showed us the fun whirly tubes they used during parts of the film because they sound like wind through the trees.. after that they demonstrated different copper and chrome pipes that they had strung up to use when identifying with Nix.

You can see a short clip of the sound demonstrations below…

It was really cool to be able to see and hear the process behind the music. I never really knew so much went into it…Bleu was originally hired on to choreograph one song, but not long after working on that song, he was asked to do several other songs and the score for the movie. 

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