Things To Do This Easter A-Z

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Things to Do This Easter from A to Z

Every year, it’s the same old egg decorating and egg hunts. This year, let’s kick it up a notch and introduce a few fresh and fun ideas for Easter. Here are a variety of engaging activities, from A to Z, that will make this Easter memorable for your family.

Artistic Endeavors

Art is always a fun way to capture memories of your children growing up and to let their creativity shine. If you’re stuck for ideas, Pinterest has tons of them. One idea is to use handprints or fingerprints to create art. This way, you can track their growth over the years, making it a very personal keepsake!

Bunny Bonanza

Remember those photos with the Easter Bunny? Now the latest trend is to take pictures with a real bunny! These charming keepsakes are perfect for showcasing around your home or sharing with friends. Ask your local photographer about Easter sessions – they might just have a bunny waiting for you!

Creative Cupcakes

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? But this Easter, let’s get creative! Encourage your kids to go beyond icing and sprinkles. Let them design their own cupcake masterpieces!

DIY Decorations

Decorations don’t have to be store-bought. Try making your own with your children. Not only are homemade decorations fun and cheap, but they’re also personalized!

Egg-citing Adventures

Yes, we all dye eggs, and sometimes the results can be… interesting. But the fact is, kids love it! This year, try something new and creative with your egg dyeing. It’s all about having fun!

Floral Fun

Get your children involved in creating a beautiful Easter arrangement for the table. It’s a great way to bring a touch of spring indoors.

Garden Goodness

Why not plant an “Easter Garden” together? It’s a wonderful way to celebrate the season of rebirth and renewal.

History Lessons

While bunnies and eggs are fun, it’s also important to talk to your children about the true meaning of Easter. It’s a great opportunity to teach them about the history of this special holiday.

Ideas from the Kids

Get your kids involved in planning how they’d like to spend Easter. They’ll appreciate having their voices heard and it will make the day even more special for them.

Jolly Jelly Beans

Somehow, jelly beans have become a traditional Easter treat. And whether we know why or not, they’re here to stay! You can even try making your own at home with a simple recipe.

Kite Flying

With Easter falling in spring, it’s the perfect time to fly a kite. It’s also a great addition to an Easter basket.

Lunch Egg Hunts

Make lunchtime fun by sending your kids on an Easter egg hunt for their lunch items. It’s a unique twist on the traditional egg hunt.

Money Matters

Give their Easter baskets a little extra excitement by adding a dollar or two. You’ll be surprised at how thrilled they’ll be!

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Notes from the Easter Bunny

Leave a special note from the “Easter Bunny” in an egg. It’s a small touch that adds a lot of magic.

Ornamental Eggs

Using fishing twine and Easter eggs, you can create beautiful decorations to hang from trees, porches, or even your child’s bedroom ceiling.

Peeps Pleasure

Discover new ways to enjoy Peeps this Easter. The possibilities are endless!

Quiet Reading Time

Take some time to read cute Easter stories together. It’s a calming activity that still celebrates the season.

Rice Krispie Treats

There are so many creative ideas for Rice Krispie treats. It’s a fun and tasty activity to enjoy with your kids.

Scientific Experiments

Believe it or not, you can incorporate science into your Easter activities. For example, try the Naked Egg or Growing Peeps experiments.

Toys over Candy

Easter baskets don’t always have to be filled with candy. Try adding a few small toys that your children have been asking for. They’ll be just as excited!

Umbrella Fun

Remember the joy of twirling a sun umbrella as a child? Pass that fun onto your children this Easter!

Vibrant Violets

For a fresh spin on an Easter bouquet, try adding violets. They’re a beautiful symbol of the season!

Water Wonders

Add a splash of color to your children’s drinks using food coloring or Mio. It’s a fun and inexpensive way to celebrate.

Xylophone Fun

Use your leftover egg dye to create a colorful xylophone. It’s a fun and musical way to repurpose your Easter supplies.

Yellow for Brightness

Encourage everyone to wear yellow on Easter. It will brighten up the day and make your photos pop!

Zzz – Rest Up!

Make sure everyone gets enough rest to enjoy all the fun that Easter brings!

For more fun Easter ideas, check out my Easter Pinterest page. From crafts to recipes to games, there’s something for everyone to enjoy this Easter!

| Ideas | Description |
| — | — |
| Art | Have fun with your children creating Easter art. Use hand-prints or fingerprints for a personal touch. |
| Bunnies | Take pictures with a real bunny for a keepsake. |
| Cupcakes | Get creative and let the kids have fun decorating cupcakes. |
| Decorations | Make your own decorations for a personalized touch. |
| Eggs | Try new creative ways to dye eggs. |
| Flowers | Let your kids help make an Easter arrangement for the table. |
| Gardens | Plant an “Easter Garden”. |
| History | Teach your children about the history of Easter. |
| Ideas | Let your kids suggest how they would like to spend Easter. |
| Jelly Beans | Make your own jelly beans. |
| Kite Flying | Fly kites as part of the Easter celebration. |
| Lunch | Make lunch fun by sending your kids on an Easter egg hunt for their lunch items. |
| Money | Add a dollar or two to their Easter baskets for a surprise. |
| Note | Leave a note from the “Easter Bunny” in an egg. |
| Ornaments | Make ornaments using Easter eggs, fishing twine and hang them from a tree or porch. |
| Peeps | Find new ways to enjoy Peeps. |
| Quiet Reading Time | Read Easter stories together. |
| Rice Krispie Treats | Make Easter-themed Rice Krispie treats. |
| Science | Use Easter-themed science experiments like the Naked Egg or Growing Peeps. |
| Toys | Instead of candy, put toys in the Easter baskets. |
| Umbrella | Let your kids have fun with a sun umbrella. |
| Violets | Add violets to your Easter bouquet for a fresh spin. |
| Water | Add food coloring to your kids’ water for a bit of fun. |
| Xylophone Fun | Use leftover egg dye to make a colorful xylophone. |
| Yellow | Wear yellow to brighten up the day and your photos. |
| Zzzzz | Make sure everyone gets enough rest for all the Easter fun. |

Artistic Endeavors: More than Just Egg Painting

Diving deeper into artistic endeavors, egg painting is a classic activity, but there’s a lot more you can do to let your child’s creativity shine. For instance, you can use Easter-themed stencils for your children to trace and color. You can also try creating Easter-themed crafts like paper plate bunnies, handprint chicks, or even a DIY Easter wreath. These activities not only engage your child’s creativity but also improve their fine motor skills.

Bunny Bonanza: More than Just Photos

While taking photos with a real bunny is an adorable idea, why not take it a step further and create a whole Bunny Bonanza day? You can start with a bunny-themed breakfast, bunny-shaped pancakes or toast, for instance. Then, you can make bunny crafts, read bunny-themed books, and even watch a bunny-themed movie. It’s all about immersing your child in the fun and magic of Easter.

Creative Cupcakes: Baking and Decorating

When it comes to creative cupcakes, it’s not just about decorating but also about baking. Teach your child simple baking skills like measuring ingredients, mixing, and filling cupcake liners. Then, let them be creative with the decorations. Use Easter-themed cupcake liners and toppers, and offer a variety of icing colors and decorating candies. You can even have a cupcake decorating contest to make it more exciting!

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DIY Decorations: From Paper Crafts to Natural Materials

DIY decorations can range from simple paper crafts to more complex projects using natural materials. For instance, you can make paper Easter egg garlands or bunny banners. Or, you can use twigs to create a rustic Easter egg tree, or decorate blown eggs with paints, glitter, or fabric scraps. And don’t forget about the Easter table! You can create homemade place cards, napkin rings, or even a centerpiece using flowers from your garden.

Egg-citing Adventures: Beyond the Traditional Egg Hunt

While the traditional egg hunt is a must, there are many other egg-citing adventures you can plan. For instance, you can organize an egg relay race, an egg spoon race, or an egg roll competition. You can also try egg bowling, or create a giant Easter egg piñata. Another fun idea is to have a glow-in-the-dark egg hunt by filling plastic eggs with small glow sticks.

Floral Fun: From Arranging to Painting

Floral fun is not just about arranging flowers. You can also paint flower pots and plant spring flowers in them, or use flowers for crafts, like making flower crowns or flower cards. And if you want to bring the fun outdoors, why not go on a wildflower hunt and see how many different types of flowers your children can identify?

Garden Goodness: From Planting to Harvesting

Planting an Easter garden is a lovely idea, but why not make it a year-round project? Start by planting seeds indoors and then transfer them to the garden when the weather is warm enough. Teach your children how to care for the plants, and they’ll be excited to see their garden grow. And when it’s time to harvest, they’ll enjoy the fruits of their labor!

History Lessons: From Religious Stories to Cultural Traditions

When teaching your children about the true meaning of Easter, you can go beyond the religious story and also talk about cultural traditions. For instance, you can explain why eggs are a symbol of Easter, or why we have Easter bunnies. You can also explore how Easter is celebrated in different countries, and maybe even adopt a new tradition for your family.

Ideas from the Kids: From Planning to Execution

Getting your kids involved in planning how they’d like to spend Easter can go beyond just asking for their ideas. You can also involve them in the execution. For instance, if they want to have an egg hunt, let them help hide the eggs. If they want to bake cookies, let them help with the baking. By being involved in the planning and execution, they’ll feel more invested in the activities and enjoy them more.

Jolly Jelly Beans: From Eating to Crafting

Jelly beans are indeed a traditional Easter treat, but did you know they can also be used for crafts and games? For instance, you can use jelly beans to make colorful bracelets, or to create a beautiful jelly bean mosaic. You can also use them for games, like jelly bean guessing game, jelly bean spoon race, or jelly bean pickup game using straws.

Kite Flying: From Buying to Making

Flying a kite is a fun outdoor activity, but making your own kite can be even more rewarding. You can find many simple DIY kite tutorials online. And once your kite is ready, you can decorate it with Easter-themed drawings or stickers. Then, head to a local park and let your kite soar!

Lunch Egg Hunts: From Hunting to Eating

An Easter egg hunt for lunch items is indeed a fun idea. But why not take it a step further and make the lunch items Easter-themed too? For instance, you can make bunny-shaped sandwiches, carrot-shaped cheese slices, or chick-shaped deviled eggs. And for dessert, how about some Easter-themed fruit skewers using a bunny-shaped cookie cutter?

Money Matters: From Saving to Spending

Adding money to their Easter baskets can be a great opportunity to teach your children about money matters. You can talk to them about the importance of saving, and maybe even open a savings account for them. And when it’s time to spend their money, guide them on how to make wise choices. This way, they’ll learn valuable lessons that will serve them for life.

Notes from the Easter Bunny: From Writing to Reading

Leaving a note from the Easter Bunny is indeed a magical touch. But you can make it more educational by turning it into a reading activity. Write the note using simple words that your child can read, and encourage them to read it aloud. Or, you can write a few notes and hide them around the house, turning it into a reading scavenger hunt!

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Ornamental Eggs: From Decorating to Displaying

When it comes to ornamental eggs, there are so many decorating techniques you can try, from decoupage to washi tape, from watercolor painting to natural dyeing. And once your eggs are decorated, think about how to display them. You can hang them from a branch to create an Easter egg tree, place them in a bowl to create a centerpiece, or string them up to create a garland.

Peeps Pleasure: From Eating to Crafting

Peeps are indeed a traditional Easter treat, but did you know they can also be used for crafts and experiments? For instance, you can make Peeps play dough, Peeps slime, or even Peeps edible paint. And if you have some leftover Peeps, you can try the classic Peeps in the microwave experiment. It’s all about having fun with these colorful marshmallow candies!

Quiet Reading Time: From Traditional to Interactive

Reading Easter stories is a calming activity indeed. But to make it more interactive, you can incorporate props or actions. For instance, you can use stuffed animals or finger puppets to act out the story, or you can encourage your child to jump every time they hear the word “bunny”. You can also find Easter-themed interactive books, with flaps to lift or textures to touch.

Rice Krispie Treats: From Making to Shaping

Making Rice Krispie treats is a fun and tasty activity. But shaping them can be even more fun! You can use Easter-themed cookie cutters to create shapes like bunnies, eggs, or chicks. Or, you can shape them by hand, maybe even creating a Rice Krispie treat nest filled with candy eggs. And don’t forget to decorate your treats with icing or sprinkles!

Scientific Experiments: From Simple to Complex

There are indeed many Easter-themed scientific experiments you can try, from the Naked Egg to Growing Peeps. But there are also more complex experiments that older kids might enjoy, like creating a homemade egg geode, or exploring the chemistry of Peeps. And of course, there’s the classic egg drop challenge, which is always a hit!

Toys over Candy: From Choosing to Playing

Filling Easter baskets with toys instead of candy is a great idea. But why not take it a step further and make the toys Easter-themed too? For instance, you can include a bunny plush toy, a chick finger puppet, or an Easter-themed puzzle. And once the baskets are opened, don’t forget to spend some time playing with the new toys!

Umbrella Fun: From Twirling to Decorating

Twirling a sun umbrella is indeed fun. But have you considered decorating one? You can use fabric paint to create Easter-themed designs, or attach paper cutouts with a hot glue gun. And if you want to bring the fun indoors, you can create a paper plate umbrella craft, or even an umbrella wreath for your front door.

Vibrant V
1. **What are some unique things to do this Easter?**
The article provides a list of unique things to do this Easter, from Artistic Endeavors to Zzz – Rest Up. This includes activities such as creating handmade decorations, dyeing eggs in creative ways, planting an “Easter Garden”, and even incorporating science into your Easter activities.

2. **Are there any ideas for Easter crafts?**
Yes, there are several craft ideas suggested in the article. For instance, using handprints or fingerprints to create art, making your own Easter decorations, and creating ornamental eggs using fishing twine and Easter eggs.

3. **What are some educational activities for Easter?**
The article suggests teaching your children about the true meaning of Easter, which provides a great opportunity to teach them about the history of this special holiday. You can also incorporate science into your Easter activities by trying experiments such as the Naked Egg or Growing Peeps.

4. **Can I involve my kids in Easter preparations?**
Absolutely! The article encourages getting your kids involved in planning how they’d like to spend Easter. You can also involve them in making decorations, creating a beautiful Easter arrangement for the table, or baking creative cupcakes.

5. **What are some alternatives to candy for Easter baskets?**
The article suggests adding a few small toys that your children have been asking for in their Easter baskets. You could also add a dollar or two for a little extra excitement.

6. **Where can I find more ideas for Easter activities?**
The author recommends checking out their Easter Pinterest page for more fun Easter ideas, from crafts to recipes to games.

7. **Is there a way to make traditional Easter activities more fun?**
Yes, the article provides several suggestions to spice up traditional Easter activities. For instance, you can make lunchtime fun by sending your kids on an Easter egg hunt for their lunch items, or add a splash of color to your children’s drinks using food coloring or Mio.

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