Javier Bardem Talks About Playing Captain Salazar & Meeting Johnny Depp #PiratesLife

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Talking with talent is always a highlight, you get to hear all the juicy behind the scenes gossip and their feelings on the film. During the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tells No Tales press junket we interviewed the talented Javier Bardem about his role as Captain Salazar & a little about the first time he met Johnny Depp…you don’t want to miss that story! 

Let’s jump right into the Q & A session with Javier! 

Q. I want to know how long it took you to get makeup every day & How was it talking through the black goo coming out of your mouth?

A. It took Javier Three hours to get into makeup…“The goo was a liquid. They told me it was supposed to be like chocolate, chocolate my ass. That taste worse than that and they were supposed to put it on the teeth. I said give me that, so I drunk it and then I went to play the first scene, I think it was with Geoffrey Rush and it starts to pour out of my mouth and he was very disgusted.”

Javier’s Thoughts on Captain Salazar

“I thought it was like rage pouring out. It’s not blood. It’s like the rage of the character coming out, like something more physical, like a bull. I’d always thought the character was like a bull, like a wounded bull with the blood and moving like it’s wounded and breathing like it’s out of breath and with a very strong idea for revenge.”

Q. With all that makeup packed on your face and really intense emotions during the film, was it difficult to portray the emotions through all of that makeup?

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A. “That was one of my concerns to see if my facial expression can go through the mask, but these guys won the Oscar for “Mad Max”, and they did an amazing job. Once I had the mask on the face, I realized that I could express myself through it, which is important.”

Q. How did you become involved in the project?

A. “I got involved back then, 2010, because Penelope was shooting “Pirates 4″ so I went to the set in Hawaii, a beautiful place and I was very envious. I was very jealous because I was seeing all this amazing production taking place, the water, the special effects, the boat, the sword fighting. I wanted to be one of those. So, I said to Jerry, Jerry please, give me a job. He called me five years after and I was so surprised and honored because as a movie goer, I love the franchise.”

Javier Thoughts on Captain Salazar

“I thought it was this great thing about one same character played in two ways, he’s alive and it’s all about pride and it’s all about honor and when he’s dead he’s all about betrayal and pain and revenge.”

Q. Whenever you saw yourself, like after all the CGI was put in, I mean the finished project is absolutely amazing, can you tell us about what that was like?

A. Because I was working a little bit on the darkness with the hair, they showed me some pictures and videos and it was like yeah, right, looks great but how is it going to look like at the end. The floating hair was an idea that the directors brought and I thought okay, but what do you mean, floating hair, like a troll? Then little by little, they were bringing all these drawings and concepts and I was amazed by it.

When asked if he pulled any inspiration from other villains he’s played his answer was a surprising NO! He was actually inspired by the idea of a wounded animal (a bull) because in those times the Spanish army was very powerful in the seas and the captains were all from the south of Spain where the flamingo & bullfighting culture belongs.

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Fun Facts:
  • Javier played rugby
  • Javier met Johnny Depp in 1999 in Vera Cruz, Mexico doing a movie called “Before Night Falls” by Julian Schnabel.

“Johnny played a Drag Queen in “Before Night Falls” & when I saw this beautiful blonde hair and a beautiful ass. I said that’s a beautiful ass, and they said it’s Johnny’s, it’s a beautiful ass. I don’t care!”

Javier on Johnny Depp

“He’s so funny to watch and he will do and say anything and he will be brilliant so I had to cut sometimes the scene because I was laughing I cannot hate you, but he’s a great colleague and a beautiful guy.”

Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales Hits Theaters May 26

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