20 Things to Do In Corpus Christi, Tx #SeeCC

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Exploring Corpus Christi, Texas: Top 20 Attractions

If you’re looking for the perfect vacation spot, look no further than Corpus Christi, Texas. This stunning city, nestled on the Gulf of Mexico, offers a wealth of attractions and activities for tourists and locals alike. From beautiful beaches to fascinating museums, here are the top 20 things to do in Corpus Christi, Texas.

1. Texas State Aquarium

Start your Corpus Christi adventure at the Texas State Aquarium. This popular attraction offers a chance to explore the underwater world of the Gulf of Mexico, including a close encounter with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins.

2. USS Lexington

Visit the USS Lexington, a World War II-vintage Essex Class aircraft carrier. Now serving as a naval aviation museum, it offers a unique glimpse into the history of naval aviation.

3. Whataburger Field

For sports fans, a visit to Whataburger Field is a must. This intimate venue offers a unique viewing experience, ensuring you never miss a moment of the action.

4. Museum of Science & History

Delve into the rich history of South Texas at the Museum Of Science & History. This engaging museum offers an interactive look at the region’s past.

5. Mustang Island

Enjoy the sun, sand, and surf at Mustang Island. This barrier island park offers ample space for fun in the sun.

6. Cole Park

Cole Park, a popular bayside park, offers a playground, fishing pier, skate park, and plenty of open space for outdoor activities.

7. Art Center Corpus Christi

Unleash your creativity at the Art Center Corpus Christi. This vibrant center offers art education and exhibitions in a variety of mediums.

8. South Texas Botanical Gardens

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature at the South Texas Botanical Gardens. This stunning garden offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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9. Texas Surf Museum

Surfers and non-surfers alike will enjoy a visit to the Texas Surf Museum. This unique museum offers a look at the history and culture of surfing in Texas.

10. Republic Of Texas

Dine in style at the Republic Of Texas, one of Corpus Christi’s top dining destinations. Enjoy stunning panoramic views of the bay as you indulge in prime beef, wild game, and seafood.

11. Heritage Park & Cultural Center

Explore the history of Corpus Christi at Heritage Park & Cultural Center. This site is home to twelve historical homes, each beautifully restored and showcasing the area’s diverse culture and history.

12. Hurricane Alley Waterpark

Make a splash at Hurricane Alley Waterpark. With a wave pool and a scenic, adventure-filled lazy river, this park guarantees family fun.

13. Schlitterbahn

Enjoy a day of water-filled fun at Schlitterbahn, a unique waterpark and resort offering an extensive interconnected river system.

14. Asian Cultures Museum & Educational Center

Immerse yourself in the diverse cultures of Asia at the Asian Cultures Museum & Educational Center. This unique museum offers a fascinating look at art, history, and culture from across Asia.

15. Old Concrete Street Amphitheater

Catch a live music performance at the Old Concrete Street Amphitheater. This popular venue hosts a variety of concerts and events.

16. Water Street Oyster Bar

Savor fresh Gulf Seafood at Water Street Oyster Bar. This popular restaurant has been serving up delicious seafood dishes for over 30 years.

17. Fajitaville

Enjoy beachside dining at Fajitaville. This restaurant offers delicious food, beachside bar service, and a private beach area.

18. Go Fishing

Cast a line and enjoy a day of fishing in Corpus Christi. The city offers numerous fishing spots, from public piers to beaches and chartered cruises.

19. Take a Tour

From dolphin and bird tours to pirate adventures, Corpus Christi offers a variety of tours to suit every interest.

20. Joe’s Crab Shack

End your day with a meal at Joe’s Crab Shack. This popular restaurant offers fresh seafood and authentic flavors in a stunning waterfront setting.

With so much to see and do, it’s no wonder Corpus Christi is such a popular destination. So why wait? Start planning your Corpus Christi adventure today!

| Things to Do in Corpus Christi | Description | Links |
| — | — | — |
| Texas State Aquarium | A popular visitor attraction with many aquatic species on display | [Link](http://www.texasstateaquarium.org/) |
| USS Lexington | A World War II-vintage Essex Class aircraft carrier now serving as a naval aviation museum | [Link](http://www.usslexington.com/) |
| Wataburger Field | A sports venue with modern amenities and a wide variety of food options | [Link](http://www.milb.com/index.jsp?sid=t482) |
| Museum Of Science & History | Education beyond the classroom with 40,000 square feet of history and science exhibits | [Link](http://www.ccmuseum.com/) |
| Mustang Island | A park with more than five miles of coastline and various beach activities | [Link](http://tpwd.texas.gov/state-parks/mustang-island) |
| Cole Park | A bayside park with a playground, lighted fishing pier, and other outdoor activities | – |
| Art Center Corpus Christi | A thriving intersection of creativity and community with rotating exhibitions of original artwork | [Link](http://www.artcentercc.org/) |
| South Texas Botanical Gardens | A serene beauty with uniquely stunning floral exhibits | [Link](http://stxbot.org/) |
| Texas Surf Museum | A museum showcasing the history and culture of surfing in Texas | [Link](http://www.texassurfmuseum.org/) |
| Republic Of Texas | A top dining destination with beautiful panoramic views of the Corpus Christi bay | [Link](http://www.omnihotels.com/hotels/corpus-christi/dining/republic-of-texas) |
| Heritage Park & Cultural Center | The site of twelve historical Corpus Christi homes | – |
| Hurricane Alley Waterpark | A waterpark with a wave pool and lazy river | – |
| Schlitterbahn | A family entertainment destination with a country club and waterpark | [Link](http://www.schlitterbahn.com/) |
| Asian Cultures Museum & Educational Center | A museum showcasing the artistry of Asian cultures | [Link](http://www.asianculturesmuseum.org/) |
| Old Concrete Street Amphitheater | A venue for live music | – |
| Water Street Oyster Bar | A seafood restaurant known for fresh Gulf Seafood and friendly service | [Link](http://www.waterstreetrestaurants.com/) |
| Fajitaville | A beachside restaurant with bar service and an outdoor stage | [Link](http://www.fajitaville.com/) |
| Go Fishing | Public piers, beaches, bulkheads, or chartered fishing cruises available for fishing | – |
| Catch A Tour | Various tours from dolphin or bird tours to pirates | – |
| Joe’s Crab Shack | A seafood restaurant located on the water in Corpus Christi Bay | [Link](http://www.joescrabshack.com/) |

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Exploring Further: The Unseen Sides of Corpus Christi Attractions

Corpus Christi, Texas, is an ocean-side gem that offers a diverse range of attractions. From rich history and culture to stunning natural beauty and thrilling water adventures, there’s something for everyone. Let’s delve a bit deeper into the top 20 attractions of Corpus Christi, Texas.

21. The Dolphin Show at Texas State Aquarium

While the Texas State Aquarium is famous for its underwater exhibits, the Dolphin show is a must-see. The talented Atlantic bottlenose dolphins perform tricks that will leave you in awe.

22. Flight Deck Tour on USS Lexington

The USS Lexington is not just a museum; it’s a piece of living history. The Flight Deck tour offers an up-close view of vintage aircraft and a breathtaking view of Corpus Christi Bay.

23. The Fireworks Show at Whataburger Field

Baseball and fireworks, a classic American combination. Don’t miss the spectacular fireworks show that lights up the night sky after a game at Whataburger Field.

24. Paleo Discover Lab at the Museum of Science & History

Get hands-on experience with fossils in the Paleo Discover Lab at the Museum Of Science & History. It’s a great way for kids to learn about the prehistoric creatures of South Texas.

25. The Paddling Trails of Mustang Island

Mustang Island is not just about sunbathing. Explore the island’s aquatic life by paddling through the Mustang Island Paddling Trails.

26. Outdoor Concerts at Cole Park

Enjoy live music with a beautiful bay backdrop. The outdoor concerts at Cole Park are a local favorite and a must-do for music lovers.

27. Art Walk at Art Center Corpus Christi

Experience the local art scene at the Art Walk, hosted by the Art Center Corpus Christi. It’s a vibrant event showcasing local artists and their work.

28. Bird Watching at South Texas Botanical Gardens

The South Texas Botanical Gardens is a paradise for bird watchers. The garden is home to a variety of local and migratory birds.

29. Surfing Lessons at Texas Surf Museum

Enhance your visit to the Texas Surf Museum by taking a surfing lesson. It’s a great way to get a taste of the local surf culture.

30. Wine Tasting at Republic Of Texas

Pair your gourmet meal at the Republic Of Texas with a wine from their extensive list. The restaurant also offers wine tasting sessions led by experienced sommeliers.

31. The Ghost Tours at Heritage Park & Cultural Center

Get a different perspective on the city’s history with a ghost tour at Heritage Park & Cultural Center. It’s a spooky, fun way to learn about the city’s past.

32. The Cabanas at Hurricane Alley Waterpark

Upgrade your visit to Hurricane Alley Waterpark by renting a cabana. It’s the perfect way to relax and recharge in between water adventures.

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33. The Master Blaster at Schlitterbahn

Experience the thrill of the Master Blaster, an uphill water coaster at Schlitterbahn. It’s a unique water ride you won’t want to miss.

34. Tea Ceremony at Asian Cultures Museum & Educational Center

Participate in a traditional tea ceremony at the Asian Cultures Museum & Educational Center. It’s a serene and authentic cultural experience.

35. Backstage Pass at Old Concrete Street Amphitheater

Get a behind-the-scenes look at a concert with a backstage pass at the Old Concrete Street Amphitheater. It’s a unique experience for music lovers.

36. Oyster Happy Hour at Water Street Oyster Bar

Get the best deals on fresh oysters during Oyster Happy Hour at Water Street Oyster Bar. It’s a local favorite for seafood lovers.

37. Beach Volleyball at Fajitaville

Join in a game of beach volleyball at Fajitaville. It’s a fun way to enjoy the beach and work up an appetite for their delicious food.

38. Night Fishing in Corpus Christi

Experience the thrill of night fishing in Corpus Christi. The city’s piers and beaches offer great spots for catching trout, drum, and more after dark.

39. Bird Watching Tours

Join a bird watching tour to explore the diverse bird species of Corpus Christi. It’s a great way to appreciate the city’s natural beauty.

40. Sunset Dining at Joe’s Crab Shack

Enjoy a meal at Joe’s Crab Shack while watching the sun set over the bay. It’s the perfect ending to a day in Corpus Christi.

Corpus Christi is a city that never stops surprising. From unique experiences to hidden gems, there’s always something new to discover. So why not start planning your next Corpus Christi adventure today?

Q: What are the top attractions in Corpus Christi, Texas?
A: The top attractions in Corpus Christi, Texas, include the Texas State Aquarium, USS Lexington, Whataburger Field, Museum of Science & History, Mustang Island, Cole Park, Art Center Corpus Christi, South Texas Botanical Gardens, Texas Surf Museum, and the Republic Of Texas restaurant.

Q: Are there any waterparks in Corpus Christi, Texas?
A: Yes, there are two waterparks in Corpus Christi, Texas: Hurricane Alley Waterpark and Schlitterbahn.

Q: What is there to do for sports fans in Corpus Christi, Texas?
A: Sports fans can visit Whataburger Field to enjoy a game. Additionally, there are numerous spots for fishing in the city.

Q: Are there any museums in Corpus Christi, Texas?
A: Yes, Corpus Christi, Texas, is home to several museums including the Texas State Aquarium, USS Lexington, Museum of Science & History, Texas Surf Museum, and the Asian Cultures Museum & Educational Center.

Q: What dining options are available in Corpus Christi, Texas?
A: Corpus Christi, Texas, offers a variety of dining options including the Republic Of Texas, Water Street Oyster Bar, Fajitaville, and Joe’s Crab Shack.

Q: What are some outdoor activities in Corpus Christi, Texas?
A: Outdoor activities in Corpus Christi, Texas, include visiting Mustang Island, Cole Park, South Texas Botanical Gardens and going fishing in various spots across the city.

Q: Does Corpus Christi, Texas, offer any tours?
A: Yes, Corpus Christi, Texas, offers a variety of tours including dolphin and bird tours and pirate adventures.

Q: Are there any music venues in Corpus Christi, Texas?
A: Yes, the Old Concrete Street Amphitheater in Corpus Christi, Texas, hosts a variety of concerts and events.img-oyvq8yqe8omgzne9zu5a9xii-2696521

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