On The Go With GoPro HERO4 Session

Discovering the Magic of GoPro HERO4 Session

Have you ever wished that you could capture every precious moment of your family’s adventures without the hassle of a bulky camera? Well, the GoPro HERO4 Session might just be the solution you have been dreaming of!

Living in a fast-paced world means that we are always on the go, and capturing memories often takes a backseat. A day at the beach, your child’s first roller coaster ride, a fun pool day – these are all moments we wish we could freeze in time. But with everything else we have to carry, a heavy camera often feels like an unnecessary burden.

A New Way to Capture Memories

That’s where the GoPro HERO4 Session comes in. Recently, I had the chance to try out this new gadget and I was blown away by its capabilities. Although it was our slow season with no beach or pool activities, we decided to head to the basketball court to test out the features this camera has to offer.

User-Friendly and Versatile

One of the things that impressed me about the GoPro HERO4 Session was the ease of use. I was able to switch between video, camera, and burst modes with no trouble at all. And while I haven’t tried the time lapse feature yet, it’s definitely on my to-do list for our next beach visit.

GoPro HERO4 Session: The Specs

Now, let’s talk about the technical aspects. The GoPro HERO4 Session is 50% smaller and 40% lighter than other HERO4 cameras, making it the most wearable and mountable GoPro camera ever. Its sleek design allows it to easily fit into any setting – from surfing to snowboarding to hanging out with friends.

When it comes to capturing high-quality videos and photos, the GoPro HERO4 Session definitely delivers. It captures high-resolution 1440p30 and 1080p60 videos that are sharp and lifelike. Additionally, its high frame rate 720p100 video enables exceptionally smooth slow-motion playback of your best moments.

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Photo Modes Galore

The GoPro HERO4 Session also offers a variety of photo modes. You can capture 8MP single photos, Time Lapse photos at set intervals from 0.5 to 60 seconds, and Burst photos at 10 frames per second.

Enhancing the Experience with Accessories

The fun doesn’t stop there. The GoPro HERO4 Session comes with a range of accessories that can enhance your photography experience. I personally purchased the head strap and the handler (floatable hand grip) to go with the mounts it came with.

One Button Shooting

What I found particularly convenient was the one button shooting feature. With two buttons total for options and shooting, it was much simpler to use using the phone app. I could turn on the GoPro HERO4 Session, select my options, shoot, and even share directly to Instagram.

Rugged and Waterproof

For those of you who love adventure, the GoPro HERO4 Session is a rugged and waterproof camera that you can take down to 33’ (10m) without a separate housing. And if you’re planning to go deeper, you can always purchase a waterproof housing separately.

Final Thoughts

The GoPro HERO4 Session is more than just a camera. It’s a travel accessory that will ensure you never miss a moment again. Its light, ready-to-go design makes it perfect for any adventure. From skateboarding to roller coasters to capturing fast-moving penguins at Sea World, this camera has got you covered.


Here are some common questions about the GoPro HERO4 Session:

What are some of your favorite go-to GoPro mounts?
The head strap and the handler are my personal favorites. They allow for hands-free shooting and give you the freedom to engage in the action while capturing every moment.

Where do you take your GoPro?
With its rugged and waterproof design, the GoPro HERO4 Session can be taken anywhere. Whether it’s a day at the beach, a snowboarding trip, or a visit to Sea World, this camera can capture it all.

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| GoPro HERO4 Session | Description |
| — | — |
| Size | 50% smaller than other HERO4 cameras |
| Weight | 40% lighter than other HERO4 cameras|
| Design | Sleek, versatile design |
| Video Quality | Delivers stunning video quality, captures high-resolution 1440p30 and 1080p60 video |
| Photo modes | Capture 8MP single photos, Time Lapse photos at set intervals from 0.5 to 60 seconds, and Burst photos at 10 frames per second |
| Accessory compatibility | Compatible with all GoPro mounts |
| Waterproof | Rugged and waterproof, can go down to 33’ (10m) without a separate housing |
| App & Remote control | Can be controlled via phone app or a remote control that can connect to the GoPro from up to 600′ away |
| Special feature | 1 button shooting (2 buttons total for options and shooting) |
| Other features | Can share directly to Instagram, has a light, convenient, ready-to-go design |

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The GoPro HERO4 Session: An In-Depth Look

For those who love to capture every moment, the GoPro HERO4 Session is a game-changer. This compact yet powerful camera is designed to be as adaptable as you are, ready to record high-quality footage regardless of where your adventures take you.

Compact Design for Maximum Flexibility

The GoPro HERO4 Session’s compact design is one of its major selling points. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, making it perfect for those who are always on the move. This tiny size doesn’t compromise its performance, however. It’s packed with features that make capturing your adventures easier than ever before.

Quality that Speaks for Itself

Despite its small size, the GoPro HERO4 Session delivers stunning video quality. It can record in high-resolution 1440p30 and 1080p60, ensuring that your footage is always crisp and clear. The high frame rate of 720p100 is perfect for creating smooth slow-motion videos, adding a professional touch to your recordings.

Picture Perfect with Various Modes

Apart from its video capabilities, the GoPro HERO4 Session also boasts a range of photo modes. You can capture 8MP single photos, or use the Time Lapse mode to take shots at intervals ranging from 0.5 to 60 seconds. The Burst mode, which shoots 10 frames per second, is perfect for capturing high-action moments.

Accessories to Enhance Your Experience

To further enhance your experience, the GoPro HERO4 Session comes with a variety of accessories. From mounts that allow you to attach the camera to your helmet or surfboard, to the head strap and handler for hands-free shooting, these accessories make it even easier to capture your adventures from every angle.

Simple Operation with One-Button Shooting

The GoPro HERO4 Session’s simplicity is another of its standout features. With just one button for shooting and options, it’s easy to use even for beginners. And with the GoPro app, you can control your camera remotely, check out your shots, and even share them directly to social media.

Built for Adventure

Designed to withstand the elements, the GoPro HERO4 Session is both rugged and waterproof. It can be taken down to depths of 33′ (10m) without the need for a separate housing, making it the perfect companion for everything from surfing to snowboarding.

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The GoPro HERO4 Session: A Camera for Every Adventure

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or just someone who loves to capture life’s little moments, the GoPro HERO4 Session is the camera for you. Its compact design, high-quality video and photo capabilities, range of accessories, and ease of use make it a must-have for any adventure.


How long does the battery last on the GoPro HERO4 Session?
The battery life varies depending on the settings you’re using, but you can generally expect about 2 hours of continuous recording time.

Can the GoPro HERO4 Session connect to my phone?
Yes, the GoPro HERO4 Session can connect to your phone via the GoPro app, allowing you to control your camera remotely and share your shots instantly.

Is the GoPro HERO4 Session good for vlogging?
With its compact size, high-quality video capabilities, and range of accessories, the GoPro HERO4 Session is perfect for vlogging on the go.

This post may contain affiliate links which fund the My Sparkling Life blog.

Additional FAQs

How good is the battery life of the GoPro HERO4 Session?
The GoPro HERO4 Session has a built-in battery that provides up to 2 hours of recording time. You can charge it using a USB cable.

Does the GoPro HERO4 Session have Wi-Fi?
Yes, the GoPro HERO4 Session has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth which allows you to connect it to the GoPro App for remote control, view your photos and videos, and share them on the go.

Can I use the GoPro HERO4 Session for night photography?
The GoPro HERO4 Session performs best in areas with sufficient light. It may not yield the best results for night photography as compared to other GoPro models that have a Night Photo mode.

Can I use an external microphone with the GoPro HERO4 Session?
No, the GoPro HERO4 Session does not support external microphones. However, it has a dual microphone system that automatically switches to the best audio source for optimal sound quality.

What is the maximum memory card size that can be used with the GoPro HERO4 Session?
The GoPro HERO4 Session supports a maximum of 128GB microSD card. It is recommended to use cards with class 10 or UHS-1 rating for optimum performance.

GoPro HERO4 Session: Technical Specifications

Feature Description
Video Resolution 1440p30, 1080p60, 960p60, 720p100
Photo Resolution 8 Megapixels
Photo Modes Single, Time Lapse, Burst
Waterproof Up to 33’ (10m) without a separate housing
Built-in Battery Up to 2 hours of recording time
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Yes
MicroSD Card Up to 128GB, Class 10 or UHS-1 rating required

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