Easter Baskets You Kids Will Love

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The Joy of Holidays

One thing we all eagerly anticipate are the holidays. While Christmas is a universal favorite, Easter is a close second! The thrill of assembling Easter baskets is just as enjoyable as the delight of a morning Easter egg hunt. I absolutely adore shopping at World Market. It’s a treasure trove where you can always find something new and exciting.

Creating Easter Baskets Your Kids Will Love

Today, I’m going to take you through the fun process of creating Easter baskets with items from World Market!

Choosing the Perfect Basket

The first step is to find the perfect basket. World Market has an extensive selection to choose from. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to ask the helpful store clerks. I once wanted a specific basket and they managed to find me three more from their stockroom!

Filling It with Goodies

Once you have your basket, it’s time to fill it with goodies! World Market has a vast range of treats like chocolates from different corners of the globe and popular domestic candies that your kids will instantly recognize. I usually pick a mix of both – classic favorites like peeps & warheads sour scrambler egg, and some international treats like a solid chocolate bunny from Niagra chocolates.

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Don’t Forget the Little Ones!

When it comes to the little ones in the family, the baskets can be a bit different. For my baby’s first Easter basket, I chose a soft cuddly bunny and matching bunny ears. Despite the odds of him not keeping them on, it’s worth a try for the adorable photos! I also included one of his favorite toys – a rubber ducky.

Adding the Final Touch

Last but not least, don’t forget to add some Easter grass for a pop of festive color. I usually choose different colors for each of my kids. For instance, pink for my oldest, purple for my 8-year-old, blue for my 4-year-old, and a fun orange for my baby.

Hop It Forward Sweepstakes

Now that you have some Easter basket ideas in mind, let me tell you about a fun Sweepstakes. Enter the #HopItForward event and you could be the lucky winner of one of the many prizes. Prizes include a $2,000 World Market gift card and a year’s supply of Divine Chocolate, and three runner up prizes of a $500 World Market gift card and Divine Chocolate. The Sweepstakes runs from March 31st – April 18th.

So, why wait? Hop on over and enter now!

| How to Create Easter Baskets with Goods from World Market |
| Step 1: Choose the perfect basket from a variety at World Market |
| Step 2: Add a handful of goodies such as chocolates from around the world and domestic candy |
| Step 3: Include a few toys |
| Step 4: Think about your child’s first Easter basket and add items they will love |
| Step 5: Don’t forget to add Easter grass in fun colors |
| Sweepstakes: Enter the World Market’s #HopItForward event for a chance to win up to a $2000 gift card and a year’s supply of Divine Chocolate |

Choosing the Perfect Basket: Digging Deeper

When it comes to choosing the perfect Easter basket, think about the personality of the child. Does your kid love superheroes? Choose a basket with their favorite superhero as the theme. Is your child into princesses? Opt for a basket in a royal theme. World Market has a wide variety of themed baskets that cater to all kinds of interests. And if you can’t find the perfect one, remember that a simple wicker basket can be personalized with a little creativity and some craft supplies.

Filling It with Goodies: A Deeper Dive

When filling your Easter basket, it’s essential to strike a balance. You want to include some sweet treats, but not too many. Remember, it’s just as important to stimulate their minds as it is to satisfy their sweet tooth. World Market offers an array of educational toys and games that can be included in the basket. Consider puzzles, books, or craft kits that can keep your child engaged long after the Easter festivities are over.

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Personalizing the Basket

Personalizing the Easter basket can make it extra special for your child. Consider adding their name with a cute name tag or ribbon. You could also include items that reflect their personal interests. If your child loves painting, add a set of watercolors. If they’re into sports, a new ball or sports equipment could be a hit. The key is to make the basket feel like it was specially curated just for them.

Don’t Forget the Little Ones: More Ideas

While it’s easy to focus on the older kids, don’t forget the little ones. For babies and toddlers, consider soft toys, teething rings, or plush animals. You could also include baby-friendly snacks like puffs or yogurt drops. Remember to avoid small items that could be a choking hazard. The goal is to create a basket that’s safe, fun, and engaging for your little one.

Adding the Final Touch: Beyond Easter Grass

While Easter grass is a traditional filler, there are many other options to consider. Shredded tissue paper, silk flowers, or even a colorful scarf can add a unique touch to your child’s Easter basket. You could also use themed items like superhero masks or princess crowns to add an extra layer of fun. Remember, the final touch should reflect your child’s personality and interests.

DIY Easter Baskets

If you’re feeling creative, why not create your own Easter basket? Start with a plain basket and decorate it with paint, ribbons, or stickers. Then, fill it with homemade treats, handmade toys, or crafts. A DIY Easter basket not only adds a personal touch but also allows you to control what goes into the basket. Plus, it can be a fun Easter activity to do with your kids!

Hop It Forward Sweepstakes: More Details

Now that you have some great ideas for your Easter baskets, let’s delve a bit deeper into the #HopItForward event. To enter, you simply need to fill out the entry form on the World Market website. Remember, the more entries you submit, the higher your chances of winning. So, don’t miss this opportunity to win some amazing prizes while also getting some great ideas for your Easter baskets!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about creating Easter baskets your kids will love:

What are some non-candy items to include in an Easter basket?

Non-candy items can include toys, books, craft supplies, clothing, or even gift cards. The key is to think about what your child enjoys and what they would find exciting.

How can I make an Easter basket more educational?

To make an Easter basket more educational, consider including items that promote learning. This could be a book on a topic they’re interested in, a science kit, or a puzzle.

What are some eco-friendly alternatives to plastic Easter grass?

Eco-friendly alternatives to plastic Easter grass include shredded paper, real grass, or even fabric scraps. Not only are these options more environmentally friendly, but they also add a unique touch to your Easter basket.


What is a sponsored post?

A sponsored post is a piece of content that the blogger is paid to publish on their website by a company. The content usually promotes a product or service from the sponsoring company. In this case, the sponsored post is promoting World Market and their Easter products.

What is the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255?

The FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255 is a regulation that requires bloggers and influencers to disclose when they are being paid to promote a product or service. The goal of this regulation is to ensure transparency and honesty in advertising.

Where can I find Easter baskets?

You can find a wide variety of Easter baskets at World Market. They have an extensive selection to choose from, and their store clerks are always ready to help you find the perfect basket.

What types of treats does World Market offer?

World Market offers a vast range of treats from different corners of the globe, as well as popular domestic candies. You can find classic favorites like peeps & warheads sour scrambler egg, and international treats like a solid chocolate bunny from Niagra chocolates.

What is the #HopItForward event?

The #HopItForward event is a Sweepstakes where you have the chance to win a $2,000 World Market gift card and a year’s supply of Divine Chocolate. There are also runner up prizes of a $500 World Market gift card and Divine Chocolate. The Sweepstakes runs from March 31st – April 18th.

How can I enter the #HopItForward event?

You can enter the #HopItForward event by visiting the World Market website and following the instructions for entering the Sweepstakes.

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