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Meet Scott Adsit: The Voice Behind Baymax from Big Hero 6

If you have children, chances are you’ve heard of Baymax from Big Hero 6. My boys are absolutely fascinated by this character. My youngest gets so excited anytime he sees Baymax and even sleeps with a stuffed version I got while on a trip to LA. But what many kids don’t realize is that there is a real person behind that lovable character… Meet Scott Adsit.

Getting to Know Scott Adsit

On a trip, we got the chance to sit down with Scott and learn all about what it takes to bring such an endearing character to life. It’s not as simple as standing in front of a microphone and reading lines. There’s a lot more involved in the process.

The Challenge of Bringing Baymax to Life

Scott described bringing Baymax to life as quite a challenge. The creators decided early on that Baymax would not have emotions – it’s all programming. Yet, somehow, they still had to allow emotions to creep in at the right moments. Scott explained, “I get to lean on either side of him just a little bit, to invite the emotions to flood in from the audience.”

Finding the Right Voice for Baymax

During the audition, it became clear that Baymax wouldn’t have that traditional “robot” voice. When Scott saw the soft, huggable character design, he knew he needed a “benign bedside manner voice”. He combined this with a state-of-the-art robotic interaction voice, similar to an automated phone system. Interestingly, Scott didn’t look at past robot characters for inspiration, but instead drew from the soft, huggable, benign people in his own family.

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Adding Another Layer to Baymax

The biggest challenge came in the middle of the process where they wanted to add another facet to Baymax. This is when Baymax loses power and becomes more like a drunk, or a child that has gone past their bedtime. Scott shared, “And, ah, I said so do you want it to sound like, like a robot who’s drunk? And they said no, just be drunk. So, I just played over the top drunk…then they put a process, a little filter on that.”

The Processing Filter on Baymax’s Voice

John Lassiter, the man in charge of the studio, wanted a processing filter on Scott’s voice, but he also wanted Scott’s natural voice to come through. They kept adjusting the filter, dialing it back, until eventually, it was just Scott’s voice, no filter. However, they ended up using a combination. They started with the filter on when you first meet Baymax, and then during the course of the film, they gradually reduced it, until by the end, there was no filter at all.

Living with the Voice of Baymax

Scott mentioned that he would go home from voicing and often find himself still talking in Baymax’s voice. He had to keep reminding himself not to start talking like that all the time as it would “annoy people”. Scott even leaves messages for his kids’ friends in Baymax’s voice!

Scott Adsit: The Perfect Voice for Baymax

Scott Adsit is a fun guy, and it’s clear why he was cast for the voice of Baymax. We even got to ask him a few questions in character. His background in improv gave him the creativity needed to make Baymax who he is, like the fist bump, which has now replaced the exploding fist bump in my house.

Experience Baymax in Big Hero 6 Today!

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| Topic | Details |
| — | — |
| Character | Baymax from Big Hero 6 |
| Voice Actor | Scott Adsit |
| Character Description | A soft, huggable, benign character that does not have emotion, but still lets emotion creep in in appropriate places |
| Voice Creation Process | Adsit did not rely on past robot characters for inspiration, but instead looked to soft, huggable, benign people in his family. He aimed for a “benign bedside manner voice” mixed with an automated phone system voice. |
| Character Challenges | The biggest challenge was when Baymax loses power and becomes more like a drunk or a child that has gone past their bedtime. Adsit had to portray this without making Baymax sound like a drunk robot. |
| Voice Processing | Initially, a processing filter was used on Adsit’s voice. However, it was gradually dialed back until it was just Adsit’s voice by the end of the film. |
| The Baymax Voice | Adsit would often find himself still talking in the Baymax voice even after leaving the studio. |
| Improv Background | Adsit’s background in improv played a significant role in shaping the character of Baymax. |
| Baymax’s Signature Move | The fist bump, which was an idea from Adsit. |
| Baymax’s Popularity | The character is loved by kids and adults alike, with some people even sleeping with a stuffed Baymax. |
| Availability | Baymax features in Big Hero 6, which is available on Blu-ray and Disney HD. |

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Scott Adsit’s Journey to Voice Acting

Scott Adsit, a seasoned actor and comedian, is no stranger to the world of entertainment. However, venturing into the realm of voice acting, particularly for an animated feature film, was a new and exciting challenge. Scott’s journey to becoming the voice of Baymax was not a straightforward one. His background in improv and comedy sketch shows like ’30 Rock’ provided him with a unique perspective and skill set that would prove invaluable in bringing Baymax to life.

Scott Adsit’s Creative Approach to Baymax

Scott Adsit’s approach to Baymax was one of creativity and innovation. He didn’t merely read lines off a script. Instead, he fully immersed himself in the character, understanding Baymax’s motivations, quirks, and nuances. This creative approach allowed him to breathe life into Baymax, transforming him from a simple robot into a beloved character.

Adsit’s Character Development for Baymax

Adsit’s character development for Baymax was a meticulous process. He had to ensure that his voice conveyed the perfect blend of robotic precision and heartwarming charm. He worked closely with the animation team to ensure that his voice acting synced seamlessly with Baymax’s movements and expressions.

The Power of Improv in Adsit’s Role as Baymax

Scott’s background in improv played a critical role in his portrayal of Baymax. This allowed him to experiment with different tones, inflections, and deliveries, creating a unique voice that perfectly embodied Baymax’s character. His improv skills also gave him the flexibility to adapt to changes in the script and direction, a crucial ability in the dynamic world of animation.

Adsit’s Personal Connection to Baymax

Scott Adsit developed a personal connection with Baymax, which added depth and authenticity to his performance. He saw parts of himself in Baymax, particularly the character’s inherent kindness and gentle nature. This connection allowed him to portray Baymax in a way that was both authentic and relatable, resonating with audiences worldwide.

The Impact of Scott Adsit’s Voice on Baymax

Scott Adsit’s voice has become synonymous with Baymax. His calming, friendly tone is instantly recognizable and has become a defining feature of the character. The success of Baymax can be attributed in large part to Scott’s voice acting, which has brought warmth, humor, and charm to the role.

Adsit’s Influence on Baymax’s Popularity

Baymax’s popularity among audiences of all ages is a testament to Scott’s talent and dedication. His voice has helped shape Baymax into a character that is not just entertaining, but also deeply empathetic and relatable. Scott’s portrayal of Baymax has touched the hearts of millions, making Baymax a beloved figure in pop culture.

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Scott Adsit’s Continued Role as Baymax

Due to the overwhelming success of Big Hero 6, Scott continues to voice Baymax in various spin-offs and sequels. His ongoing involvement ensures that Baymax remains consistent and true to the character that audiences have grown to love.

Scott Adsit’s Legacy as the Voice of Baymax

Scott Adsit’s legacy as the voice of Baymax is undeniable. His voice acting has not only brought Baymax to life but also helped redefine what it means to be a voice actor in the world of animation. His work on Big Hero 6 has set a new standard for voice acting, demonstrating the importance of creativity, dedication, and authenticity in the craft.

Scott Adsit: More than Just Baymax’s Voice

While Scott Adsit is best known as the voice of Baymax, his contributions to the world of entertainment extend far beyond this role. He is a versatile actor, comedian, and voice artist, with a career spanning various genres and mediums. His work on Big Hero 6 has proven his prowess as a voice actor, but it is just one facet of his varied and impressive career.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the voice behind Baymax in Big Hero 6?

The voice behind Baymax in Big Hero 6 is Scott Adsit.

How did Scott Adsit approach the voice of Baymax?

Scott Adsit saw Baymax as a soft, huggable character and decided on a “benign bedside manner voice”. He combined this with a robotic interaction voice similar to automated phone systems. He also drew inspiration from benign people in his own family.

Did Scott Adsit use a voice filter for Baymax’s character?

Initially, a processing filter was used on Scott’s voice. However, during the course of the film, the filter was gradually reduced until, by the end, no filter was used at all.

Did Scott Adsit add any personal touches to Baymax’s character?

Scott Adsit indeed added personal touches to the character of Baymax. The fist bump that Baymax does in the movie was an improvisation by Scott Adsit.

How did Scott Adsit manage the emotional aspect of Baymax’s character?

Scott Adsit described bringing Baymax to life as a challenge because the creators wanted Baymax to be emotionless. However, there were moments when emotions had to be conveyed and Scott managed this by allowing the audience to fill in the emotions.

Where can I watch Scott Adsit’s performance as Baymax?

You can watch Scott Adsit’s exceptional voice work as Baymax in Big Hero 6 on Blu-ray and Disney HD.

Does Scott Adsit use the Baymax voice outside of work?

Scott Adsit mentioned that he would often find himself talking in Baymax’s voice even when he was not working. He even leaves messages for his kids’ friends in Baymax’s voice!

What other work has Scott Adsit done?

Scott Adsit is a versatile actor known for his work in comedy and improv. His other notable works include the TV show “30 Rock” where he played the character Pete Hornberger.

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