How We're Keeping Busy In Between Activities This Summer

Keeping your children entertained during the summer can sometimes feel like a full-time job. Every parent is familiar with the dreaded summer anthem of “I’m bored!” even after a day filled with fun activities. However, with a few strategic purchases, you can keep your kids busy and engaged throughout the season. Here are some fantastic keeping-busy-activities-summer solutions that can help keep the “I’m bored” chorus at bay.

1. Fantasy Adventure Coloring Book

The Fantasy Adventure Coloring Book is more than just a coloring book. It’s a gateway to a mystical world of ogres, dwarves, and supernatural creatures. Illustrated by the renowned fantasy illustrator Eric Messinger, this book will captivate your child’s imagination and keep them busy for hours.

What makes this coloring book stand out, are the handy guides for coloring techniques such as patterning, combinations, and shading. It even includes beautifully colored examples and ready-to-use color palettes to help your child get started. The high-quality, acid-free paper and detachable pages make it perfect for display or gifting.

2. Vera Bradley Coloring Collection

The Vera Bradley Coloring Collection is not your average coloring book. This luxury set includes four distinct coloring card books, each featuring 20 unique designs. The cards are printed on heavy cardstock and come with satin ribbon bookmarks and foil-embellished covers.

The best part? Each card is removable, so your kids can share their creations with friends. This is not just a great keeping-busy-activities-summer solution, but also a wonderful way to foster creativity and relaxation.

3. Fun With Fidget Spinners

Yes, fidget spinners are more than just a trendy toy. With the right guidance, they can be a source of endless fun and learning. The Fidget Spinner Trick Book includes 50 different tricks and games for beginners to advanced spinners. It also offers tips on how to increase spin speed and time, and ways to customize your spinners.

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With this book, your child can track their progress and master new tricks. It’s a fun and interactive way to keep them engaged during the summer.

4. Mind Magic

Who doesn’t love a good magic trick? The Mind Magic book offers a collection of mind-reading, spirit-raising, and future-telling tricks that can make your child feel like a real magician. From reading palms accurately to receiving uncanny messages from beyond, these tricks are sure to keep your child busy and excited.

5. Geology Lab for Kids

Turn your child’s summer into a learning adventure with the Geology Lab for Kids book. This book features 52 fun and easy experiments that explore the Earth’s surface, structure, and processes. Your child can learn to identify rocks and minerals, understand how geysers and volcanoes form, and even pan for gold like a real prospector.

This keeping-busy-activities-summer solution not only keeps your child engaged, but it also fosters a love for science and learning. Plus, with a year’s worth of activities, your child will never run out of things to do!

So, there you have it. These books are more than just a way to keep your kids busy during the summer. They’re an opportunity to learn, create, and explore. So, which of these keeping-busy-activities-summer solutions will you choose to make your child’s summer unforgettable?

| Book Title | Description | Key Features |
| — | — | — |
| Fantasy Adventure Coloring Book | Enchanted land of ogres, dwarves, and beasts. Detailed illustrations ready for coloring. | Detailed illustrations, Coloring techniques, Acid-free paper, Perforated pages |
| Vera Bradley Coloring Collection | Four coloring card books with authentic Vera Bradley designs. | Heavy cardstock, Satin ribbon bookmarks, Foil-embellished covers, 20 coloring cards |
| Fun With Fidget Spinners | Fidget spinner trick book with 50 tricks, games and challenges. | Tips for increasing spin speed and time, Ideas for customizing spinners, Workbook for tracking tricks and stats |
| Mind Magic | Collection of mind-reading, spirit-raising, future-telling illusions. | Tips on how to present illusions effectively, Palm reading, Tarot card predicting, Conjuring up spirits, Finding psychic connections |
| Geology Lab | 52 simple, inexpensive, and fun experiments that explore the Earth’s surface, structure, and processes | Identify rocks and minerals, Learn how to maintain and display rock collection, Learn how insects are trapped in amber, Understand how geysers and volcanoes form |

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6. DIY Projects

Engage your kids in keeping-busy-activities-summer by introducing them to DIY projects. From birdhouses to jewelry, there are countless DIY ideas online that can cater to your child’s interests. This will not only keep them busy but also help them learn new skills, enhance creativity, and feel a sense of accomplishment once the project is completed.

7. Outdoor Sports and Games

Summer is the perfect time to introduce your children to outdoor sports and games. From soccer to frisbee, badminton to volleyball, there’s something for everyone. You can even organize a mini-Olympics event in your backyard. It’s a great way to keep your kids active, engaged, and learning about teamwork and sportsmanship.

8. Gardening

Another fantastic way to keep your kids busy this summer is by introducing them to gardening. They can learn about different plants, how they grow, and the importance of taking care of our environment. Plus, they’ll love the sense of responsibility and the joy of seeing their plants grow.

9. Cooking and Baking

Why not turn the kitchen into a fun learning space this summer? Teach your kids simple recipes, baking techniques, and the joy of creating something delicious from scratch. It’s a great way to bond, learn about nutrition, and develop a new skill.

10. Photography

Photography can be a great hobby for kids. Give them a camera and let them explore their environment from a new perspective. They can learn about different techniques, lighting, and composition, and create a beautiful collection of summer memories.

11. Reading Club

Start a summer reading club with your kids. Choose a variety of books that they’ll enjoy and discuss them together. It’s a great way to encourage a love for reading and improve their comprehension skills.

12. Online Courses

There are numerous online courses available that can cater to your child’s interests, from coding to drawing, science to music. It’s a great way to keep them learning and engaged during the summer.

13. Camping

Camping can be a fun and exciting summer adventure for your kids. Whether it’s in your backyard or in a nearby park, camping can teach your kids about nature, survival skills, and the joy of outdoor living.

14. Volunteering

Volunteering can be a rewarding experience for your kids. It can teach them about empathy, community service, and the joy of helping others. Look for local volunteering opportunities that your kids might be interested in.

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15. Virtual Tours

Thanks to technology, your kids can now explore museums, zoos, and landmarks from around the world right from your living room. Virtual tours can be a fun and educational way to spend the summer.

In conclusion, summer doesn’t have to be a time of boredom for your kids. With these keeping-busy-activities-summer ideas, your kids can have an engaging, educational, and memorable summer. Remember, the key is to cater to your child’s interests and encourage them to learn and explore in their own unique way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
Are these activities suitable for all age groups? These activities are suitable for a wide range of age groups. However, some books like the Fantasy Adventure Coloring Book might be more appealing to younger children, whereas the Mind Magic and Geology Lab may be best for older children. Always check the recommended age range before purchasing.
Can these activities be done alone or do they require adult supervision? Most of these activities can be done alone. However, some may require adult supervision, especially those that involve experiments like the Geology Lab. Always read the instructions carefully and supervise your child when necessary.
Are these activities educational? Yes, many of these activities offer educational benefits. For instance, the Geology Lab for Kids book offers a fun and interactive way to learn about Earth’s surface, structure, and processes, while the Mind Magic book can enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
Are these activities expensive? The cost of these activities can vary. However, considering the hours of engagement and learning they provide, they offer great value for money. Always check the current prices before purchasing.
Where can I buy these activities? All the books and activities mentioned in this article can be purchased online, via the provided links to Amazon’s website. Always ensure to purchase from a trusted seller to guarantee the quality of the product.

With these keeping-busy-activities-summer solutions, your child’s summer break can be filled with fun, learning, and creativity. These activities offer a great way to keep your child engaged, entertained, and away from screens. So, why wait? Start planning for an unforgettable summer today!

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