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The Power of Fighting Like a Girl

Fighting like a girl isn’t a derogatory term for someone who can’t fight anymore. Instead, it has become a symbol of strength and endurance for those embroiled in the battle for life. I’ve witnessed friends and family members in this fight, and unfortunately, many have lost. However, I never imagined that I would witness this struggle in someone so close to me.

A Personal Connection to The Fight

Let’s step back a few years. Growing up, I had a close connection with my paternal grandmother. She was a prominent figure in my life, and we spent countless hours together, whether hanging out or shopping. Our bond continues to this day, and I ensure to call her at least once a week. So, when I had to move four hours away from my family, it was a significant change for both of us. I could only visit 2-3 times a year due to my kids’ school schedules, but I always made it a point to spend a day at her apartment.

With each visit, I began to notice changes. She was getting tired more quickly and couldn’t go out as much. Then came the oxygen tank, which I reluctantly accepted. But nothing prepared me for the day she casually mentioned her preleukemia. How could she drop such a bombshell so casually? Why wasn’t I informed earlier? However, I realized this wasn’t about me. It was about her fight.

Choosing to Fight Like a Girl

When you hear news like that, a million thoughts race through your mind. But the hardest thing to accept was that she wasn’t going to fight. She told her doctor that she didn’t want chemotherapy, saying that she was “too old for that”. While I understood her perspective, it was still tough to accept.

However, on one visit, she surprised me by talking about her chemotherapy. She had chosen to fight. I’m not sure what prompted this change of heart, but I was thankful. The treatment might not work, but it was giving her a fighting chance. Even though the treatment was clearly taking a toll on her, she put on a brave face whenever we visited.

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Another Warrior Joins the Fight

As we were still coming to terms with this, my Mother-In-Law went to the doctor due to back pain. She had been dealing with internal and back issues for a while, but this time it was different. The diagnosis was Colon Cancer.

My husband was devastated. We had lost his father to the same disease a decade ago. Despite her upbeat attitude, we could see the pain and rapid weight loss she was experiencing. But again, she was hours away, and we couldn’t be there to support her in her fight. We connected when we could and waited anxiously for her to start her chemotherapy and radiation.

Conclusion: The Strength in Fighting Like a Girl

Now, we have two strong women in our lives, both embodying the true meaning of fighting like a girl. They are battling these debilitating diseases bravely, despite the pain. It’s incredibly hard to watch loved ones go through such an ordeal, especially when you can’t be there all the time to help. However, their strength is inspiring, and it’s a daily reminder that no matter the battle, we must keep fighting like a girl.

| Year | Event |
| A few years ago | The author’s grandmother was diagnosed with preleukemia |
| After diagnosis | Grandmother decided not to fight at first, refusing chemotherapy |
| After some time | Grandmother decided to fight, starting chemotherapy |
| Impact | Grandmother’s energy levels decreased, affecting her daily life |
| Two weeks ago | The author’s Mother-In-Law was diagnosed with colon cancer |
| After diagnosis | Mother-In-Law showed an upbeat mood despite the diagnosis |
| After diagnosis | Rapid weight loss and back pain were noticeable |
| Current situation | Both women are fighting their respective diseases |
| Current situation | The author and her family can only watch and pray as the women fight |

Understanding What it Means to ‘Fight Like a Girl’

When one hears the phrase ‘fight like a girl’, it may bring to mind images of weakness or lack of skill. However, this perspective has shifted significantly in recent years. The phrase now symbolizes strength, resilience, and determination. It’s about standing tall in the face of adversity and choosing to fight, even when the odds seem insurmountable.

The Essence of Fighting Like a Girl

The essence of fighting like a girl is not about physical prowess or aggressive tactics. Rather, it is about harnessing the innate strength that lies within each woman. It’s about resilience, courage, and an unwavering spirit. Fighting like a girl involves pushing through pain and adversity, refusing to give up, and maintaining hope, even in the darkest of times.

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How the Phrase Has Evolved Over Time

The phrase ‘fight like a girl’ has undergone a significant transformation over the years. From being used as an insult, it has evolved into a rallying cry for women worldwide. It is now a symbol of empowerment and resilience, a testament to the strength and courage of women who refuse to back down despite the challenges they face.

The Impact of Fighting Like a Girl in Society

The impact of fighting like a girl is far-reaching. It inspires not only the women who are in the midst of the fight, but also those who witness their courage and resilience. It’s a powerful reminder that strength doesn’t always look like brute force; sometimes, it looks like endurance, tenacity, and the ability to keep going in the face of adversity.

Examples of Women Who Fight Like a Girl

There are countless examples of women who embody the spirit of fighting like a girl. From activists and athletes to mothers and daughters, these women exhibit exceptional strength and perseverance. They fight their battles with grace, courage, and an unwavering spirit, inspiring others with their resilience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fighting Like a Girl

Is ‘fight like a girl’ a derogatory term?

Historically, the phrase ‘fight like a girl’ was used in a derogatory manner. However, it has since been reclaimed by women and is now seen as a badge of honor, representing strength, courage, and resilience.

What does it mean to ‘fight like a girl’?

Fighting like a girl means to face adversity with strength, courage, and determination. It’s about standing up for oneself and others, refusing to back down in the face of adversity, and pushing through despite the odds.

How can I support someone who is ‘fighting like a girl’?

Supporting someone who is fighting like a girl can involve a range of actions, from offering emotional support to practical help. Listening to their experiences, validating their feelings, and offering words of encouragement can go a long way. Additionally, helping with tasks, providing resources, or simply being there for them can make a significant difference.

Final Thoughts: The Power of Fighting Like a Girl

The power of fighting like a girl is undeniable. It’s about refusing to give in to adversity, standing tall in the face of challenges, and displaying an unwavering spirit. It’s a testament to the strength and resilience of women all over the world, a powerful reminder of what it truly means to fight like a girl. So, let’s continue to celebrate, support, and honor the women who embody this spirit, for they are the true warriors among us.

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1. What does it mean to “fight like a girl” in this context?
“Fighting like a girl” in this context means to fight bravely, with strength, perseverance, and determination. It’s about facing challenges head-on, regardless of the odds.

2. What is the author’s personal connection to the fight?
The author’s personal connection to the fight comes from witnessing her grandmother and mother-in-law battling serious illnesses. Both women chose to fight their diseases, embodying the true meaning of “fighting like a girl.”

3. Why did the author’s grandmother initially refuse chemotherapy?
The author’s grandmother initially refused chemotherapy because she felt she was “too old for that”. However, she later changed her mind and decided to fight her disease.

4. What is the author’s message in this story?
The author’s message in this story is that there is strength in “fighting like a girl”. Despite the hardships and pain, one must continue to fight and persevere. The author uses the examples of her grandmother and mother-in-law to illustrate this message.

5. How does the author deal with the distance from her loved ones during their fight?
The author maintains regular contact through calls and visits when possible. Despite the distance, she tries her best to provide support and encouragement.

6. What kind of cancer did the author’s mother-in-law have?
The author’s mother-in-law was diagnosed with Colon Cancer.

7. What was the author’s reaction to her grandmother’s preleukemia diagnosis?
The author was shocked and upset when her grandmother revealed her preleukemia diagnosis. She was also frustrated that she was not informed earlier.

8. Why did the author’s grandmother decide to undergo chemotherapy?
The author doesn’t know the exact reason behind her grandmother’s decision, but she was thankful that her grandmother decided to give herself a fighting chance.

9. How does the author view the impact of the chemotherapy treatment on her grandmother?
While the author acknowledges that the treatment is taking a toll on her grandmother, she admires her grandmother’s bravery and determination to fight.

10. How does the author connect with her mother-in-law during her fight?
The author connects with her mother-in-law through calls and visits when possible. They also wait anxiously for her to start her chemotherapy and radiation.

11. How does the author maintain her connection with her grandmother after moving away?
The author maintains her connection with her grandmother by calling her at least once a week and visiting 2-3 times a year. She also spends a day at her grandmother’s apartment during each visit.

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