5 Tips To Keep Your Kids Active During The Winter

5 Tips to Keep Your Kids Active This Winter

Don’t allow chilly, wet winter weather to deter your kids from being active. Even if they’re not overweight, it’s crucial for them to engage in physical activities each day. Such activities are essential for both their physical and mental development and could pave the way for a healthier life in adulthood by reducing the risk of numerous chronic diseases. So, how can you keep your kids active this winter? Here are five effective tips:

Discover Local Indoor Facilities

First and foremost, consider visiting indoor facilities in your local area. This could be anything from an indoor swimming pool or ice skating rink to an indoor inflatable play center. Even activities like bowling, laser tag, or playing basketball at a local gym or community center can be great ways to keep your children active during the colder months.

Embrace the Power of Dance

Another fantastic way to keep your kids active this winter is through dance. Encourage your child to select their favorite music, turn it up loud, and let loose on the dance floor. Dancing is not only fun but also an excellent way to burn calories and stay active.

Enjoy Outdoor Activities

When it’s safe and appropriate, take your kids outside for some winter fun. If your area gets snow, engage in activities like sledding, building snow forts, and having snowball fights. If snow isn’t an option, consider games like kickball, jump rope, hide & seek, or football. Remember, the goal is to keep your kids moving and having fun.

Turn Cleaning into a Game

While cleaning might not be their favorite task, it’s still a great way to keep them active. Assign tasks based on your child’s age and capability. Younger children can pick up toys, while older kids can vacuum, sort laundry, or even scrub the bathtub. Make it fun by turning it into a game or challenge.

Work out Together

Lastly, consider working out together. Many kids enjoy mimicking their parents, so encourage them to do jumping jacks, sit-ups, and push-ups with you during TV commercial breaks. This not only keeps them active but also promotes a healthy lifestyle.

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By implementing these 5 tips to keep your kids active this winter, you’ll ensure they stay healthy, happy, and active, no matter how bleak the weather may be.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can my kids stay active indoors during winter?
Yes, there are plenty of indoor activities that can keep your kids active during winter, such as dancing, indoor games, and even cleaning.

2. How can I make cleaning fun for my kids?
You can make cleaning fun by turning it into a game or challenge. You can also reward them for their efforts to encourage participation.

| Activity | Description | Benefits |
| — | — | — |
| Find Local Indoor Facilities | Visit an indoor pool, ice skating rink, indoor inflatable play center, go bowling, play lazer tag, or go play basketball at a local gym, school, or community center. | Gets kids out of the house, introduces them to new activities, and provides opportunities for socializing. |
| Dance! | Encourage your child to pick the music, crank it up and then dance away! March, box step, bounce, spin, shake it…it is a great way to burn calories. | Encourages creativity, improves mood, and improves cardiovascular health. |
| Take it Outside | If there is snow where you live get the whole family outside to do some sledding, build snow forts, throw snowballs,  or build a snow sculpture. If you don’t live in the snow, you can still play games like kickball, jump rope, hide & seek, or football. | Encourages outdoor play, builds resilience, and improves coordination. |
| Get Cleaning | Not their favorite task, but there is always plenty to do and a great way to keep them active.  Pick jobs based on age and capability: younger children can pick up toys while older kids can vacuum, sort laundry, or scrub the bathtub. | Teaches responsibility, improves motor skills, and keeps kids moving. |
| Workout Together | My kids love working out with me.  I encourage them to do jumping jacks, sit-ups, and push-ups with me during commercial breaks from TV. | Strengthens the parent-child bond, encourages a healthy lifestyle, and improves strength and flexibility. |

Deep Dive into Local Indoor Facilities

One of the most effective ways to keep your kids active during winter is by making the most of your local indoor facilities. These could range from traditional options like swimming pools and gyms to more novel venues like trampoline parks and rock climbing centers. The key is to find a facility that offers activities your children enjoy. For instance, if your child is a fan of team sports, an indoor soccer or basketball facility would be ideal. On the other hand, if they prefer individual activities, a gymnastics center or martial arts studio might be more suitable.

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Get Creative with Dance

Dance is a powerful tool for keeping kids active in winter. Not only does it offer a fun and engaging way to burn calories, but it also provides an opportunity for kids to express themselves creatively. Consider enrolling your kids in a dance class that aligns with their interests – whether that’s ballet, hip-hop, or even Zumba. Alternatively, you can create a dance party at home. Turn on their favorite music, clear some space in the living room, and encourage them to move to the beat. This can be a fun family activity that gets everyone up and moving.

Maximize Outdoor Winter Activities

While the cold weather might seem like a deterrent, it can actually offer a host of unique opportunities for physical activity. If you live in a region where it snows, activities like sledding, ice skating, and snowshoeing can keep your kids active while allowing them to enjoy the beauty of winter. Even if there’s no snow, outdoor games like soccer, tag, or frisbee can be adapted to the winter conditions. Just make sure your kids are dressed appropriately for the weather, and always prioritize safety.

Transform Cleaning into Engaging Activities

Cleaning might not be the most glamorous activity, but with a bit of creativity, it can become a fun and active game. For younger kids, create a scavenger hunt where they have to find and put away certain toys. For older kids, turn cleaning tasks into a competition – who can fold the laundry the fastest, or who can clean their room the most thoroughly? Not only will this get your kids moving, but it will also teach them important life skills.

Workout as a Family

Exercising as a family can be a fantastic way to keep your kids active in winter. This could be as simple as doing a workout video together, or as structured as setting up a family fitness challenge. The idea is to make physical activity a regular part of your family routine, and to model healthy habits for your kids. Plus, working out together can be a great bonding experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some indoor activities for kids in winter?
Indoor activities to keep kids active in winter can include dancing, playing indoor games, visiting local indoor facilities, and even turning cleaning into a game. Other options can include yoga, martial arts classes, or indoor rock climbing.

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How can I motivate my kids to be more active?
One effective way to motivate your kids to be more active is by making physical activity fun. This could mean turning chores into games, setting up family fitness challenges, or finding a sport or activity that your child genuinely enjoys. Additionally, modeling active behavior yourself can be a powerful motivator.

What are some safe outdoor winter activities for kids?
Safe outdoor winter activities for kids can include sledding, ice skating, building snow forts, or even just playing in the snow. If there’s no snow, consider games like soccer, tag, or hide and seek. Always ensure your kids are dressed appropriately for the weather and supervise them to ensure safety.

3. Are outdoor activities safe during winter?
Yes, outdoor activities can be safe during winter as long as precautions are taken. Dress your kids in layers to protect them from the cold and ensure the activities chosen are safe and appropriate for the weather conditions.

4. What are some examples of indoor facilities for kids?
Indoor facilities can range from swimming pools, ice skating rinks, inflatable play centers, local gyms, community centers, and even bowling alleys or laser tag arenas.

5. How can dance help keep my kids active?
Dancing is a fun way to burn calories and stay active. It can be done indoors and doesn’t require any special equipment. Just play some music and let your kids dance their energy out.

6. Can I work out with my kids?
Yes, working out with your kids is a great way to keep them active. It also promotes a healthy lifestyle and can be a fun bonding activity.

Indoor Activity Ideas

Activity Description
Dance Party Play your child’s favorite music and encourage them to dance.
Indoor Games Play games like hide and seek, tag, or even board games that require physical movement.
Cleaning Game Turn cleaning into a fun game or challenge.
Exercise Breaks Do simple exercises like jumping jacks or sit-ups during TV commercial breaks.

Outdoor Activity Ideas

Activity Description
Sledding If there’s snow, sledding can be a fun and active outdoor activity.
Building Snow Forts Encourage your kids to get creative and active by building snow forts.
Snowball Fights A friendly snowball fight can be a fun way to stay active in the snow.
Outdoor Games Play games like kickball, jump rope, or hide & seek.

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