Toy Story That Time Forgot DVD

Toy Story That Time Forgot DVD Review: A Hilarious New Adventure

I am a huge Toy Story fan. Over the years, I have laughed and cried with these characters and was thrilled to hear about the production of Toy Story 4. But guess what? We didn’t have to wait that long for a new Toy Story treat! Disney•Pixar has proudly presented a hilarious new animated “Toy Story” adventure. This is my review of “Toy Story That Time Forgot” DVD.

Unforgettable Tale Packed with Family Fun

Set during one of Bonnie’s post-Christmas play dates, the “Toy Story” crew find themselves in uncharted territory when the coolest set of action figures ever turn out to be dangerously delusional.  It’s all up to Trixie, the triceratops, if the gang hopes to ever return to Bonnie’s room. “Toy Story That Time Forgot” is an unforgettable tale packed with family fun and a must-have for every Pixar fan’s collection!

An Imaginative Adventure

The story opens up with our new favorite toy owner Bonnie sending her toys on an imaginative adventure. Trixie, having only grown up with Bonnie who likes to create fun characters for her toys, realizes that she’s not meeting her full potential as a dinosaur as other toys are getting selected to play dinosaur parts.


A Play Date Turned Adventure

Bonnie gets invited to her friend’s house for a play date. However, her friend, Mason, is no longer interested in toys, but instead plays video games and talks Bonnie into playing with him. With this new experience to try out Bonnie tosses her toys aside into Mason’s room and begins to spend the day in front of the console with Mason. This is where Trixie and the toys meet the Reptillus and the rest of the Battlesaurs, and immediately start suiting up for battle.

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Hostage Situation and a Rescue Mission

Trixie is completely excited and taken in by the Battlesaurs and begins to flirt a little with Reptillus, the muscled, hunky dino. Buzz and Woody are taken hostage by some of the other Battlesaurs as they do not realize they are actually toys.  The toys go on quite an adventure to overcome their obstacles of being held hostage and to get Bonnie off the video games and back to her toys.

Extra Bonuses in the DVD

“Toy Story That Time Forgot” DVD comes with some extra bonuses:

  • Reptillus! – A behind-the-scenes segment that focuses on the design, personality and development of the special’s breakout star Reptillus Maximus. The filmmakers also talk about the origins of the Battlesaurs world and culture.
  • Commentary – New tidbits and insights about the special with commentary from the director, Steve Purcell, and head of story, Derek Thompson.
  • Toy Story Goes to Comic-Con – Follow the team to San Diego as they unveil the project to the public for the first time, led by their own longtime Comic-Con veterans, director Steve Purcell and head of story Derek Thompson.
  • My Unexpected Friend – Two 80s-inspired karaoke tracks for the song “My Unexpected Friend.”. One of Reptillus singing and another track for the viewer to sing.
  • Battlesaurs Animated Opening – This theme song was part of a deleted scene but Pixar took the time to animate it and bring it to life.
  • Deleted Scenes with Intros & Outros – Five different scenes, each introduced by director, Steve Purcell.


In conclusion, “Toy Story That Time Forgot” is a must-have DVD for any Toy Story or Pixar fan. It takes the beloved characters on a new adventure, introduces us to new characters, and provides plenty of laughs along the way. The extra bonuses in the DVD are just the cherry on top!

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| Toy Story That Time Forgot (2014) | A short special where the toys find themselves in uncharted territory with a set of delusional action figures. It’s up to Trixie the triceratops to save the day. | Trixie, Reptillus, Buzz, Woody | Disney+, Amazon |

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Expanding on the Storyline of “Toy Story That Time Forgot”

In the heart of the story, we find the beloved toys in a peculiar situation. The scenario unfolds in Mason’s playroom, a space alien to the toys. Here, they encounter a new breed of action figures, the Battlesaurs. These new toys are not just delusional, but they are also dangerously obsessed with their own fantasy world. The Battlesaurs have no idea that they are toys, which leads to a series of hilarious and thrilling events that keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

The main toy character in this mini-movie is Trixie, the triceratops. Trixie has been longing for an adventure where she can be a dinosaur, and this play date gives her that golden opportunity. But as the story unfolds, Trixie’s role becomes crucial in bringing everyone back to reality, and ensuring their safe return to Bonnie’s room.

Character Development and Dynamics

One of the highlights of “Toy Story That Time Forgot” is the character development and dynamics. Trixie emerges as the main character, and her transformation throughout the story is delightful to watch. She starts as a toy longing to fulfill her dinosaur potential, but through the course of events, she becomes the hero who saves the day.

The relationship between Trixie and Reptillus, a Battlesaur, is also worth mentioning. Their friendship starts off as a flirtatious interaction, but it evolves into a deep bond, which plays a significant role in the climax of the story.

Animation and Visuals

The animation and visuals in “Toy Story That Time Forgot” are top-notch, as expected from Pixar. The design of the Battlesaurs is unique and captivating. The attention to detail in the animation, be it the texture of the toys or the lighting effects, is commendable. The animators have done a fantastic job of bringing the Battlesaurs’ world to life.

Humor and Entertainment Factor

What makes this DVD a must-have for every Pixar fan is the humor and entertainment factor. The delusional Battlesaurs, the confused classic Toy Story gang, and Trixie’s hilarious attempts to convince everyone that they are just toys, make for a fun-filled and entertaining watch.

Message and Takeaways

Beyond the laughter and adventure, “Toy Story That Time Forgot” delivers a poignant message about the importance of self-identity and the power of friendship. It’s a reminder that even in the most challenging situations, true friends stick together and help each other out.

FAQ: “Toy Story That Time Forgot”

1. What is the main theme of “Toy Story That Time Forgot”?

The main theme is the importance of self-identity and friendship. The story revolves around the toys’ struggle to make the Battlesaurs understand that they are toys and their efforts to return to Bonnie’s room.

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2. Who is the main character in “Toy Story That Time Forgot”?

Trixie, the triceratops, is the main character. She plays a crucial role in the plot and her character undergoes significant development throughout the story.

3. What are the extra bonuses in the DVD?

The DVD includes behind-the-scenes segments, commentary from the director and head of story, a feature on Toy Story’s presentation at Comic-Con, two 80s-inspired karaoke tracks, an animated opening scene, and five deleted scenes with intros and outros.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, “Toy Story That Time Forgot” is a delightful addition to the Toy Story franchise. It’s an unforgettable tale packed with adventure, humor, and heart. The DVD, with its extra bonuses, is a treasure trove for any Toy Story or Pixar fan. It’s a perfect blend of entertainment and valuable lessons, making it a must-have for every collection.

FAQs about Toy Story That Time Forgot DVD

What is the plot of “Toy Story That Time Forgot”?

The story is set during a post-Christmas play date of Bonnie, the toy owner. The toy crew find themselves in an unexpected situation when they come across a set of action figures that are dangerously delusional. Trixie, the triceratops, takes the lead to ensure the gang returns to Bonnie’s room safely.

Who are the new characters introduced in this story?

New characters introduced in this story are the Battlesaurs, a set of delusional action figures, and their leader Reptillus Maximus.

Where can I buy the “Toy Story That Time Forgot” DVD?

The DVD can be purchased from Amazon.

Are there any extra bonuses in the DVD?

Yes, the DVD comes with several extra bonuses including behind-the-scenes segments, commentary from the director and head of story, a track from Comic-Con, two 80s-inspired karaoke tracks, an animated Battlesaurs opening theme, and five deleted scenes.

Is “Toy Story That Time Forgot” suitable for all ages?

Yes, “Toy Story That Time Forgot” is a family-friendly movie filled with fun and adventure, making it suitable for viewers of all ages.

Does the DVD include subtitles?

The DVD includes English subtitles for the hearing impaired.

Is “Toy Story That Time Forgot” available in Blu-ray format?

Yes, “Toy Story That Time Forgot” is also available in Blu-ray format.

Is “Toy Story That Time Forgot” connected to the main Toy Story series?

Yes, “Toy Story That Time Forgot” is an addition to the main Toy Story series, featuring the same beloved characters along with introducing new ones.

What is the runtime of “Toy Story That Time Forgot”?

The runtime of “Toy Story That Time Forgot” is approximately 22 minutes.

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