12 Things No One Tells You About Raising Boys

Raising Boys: 12 Things Every Parent Needs to Know

When I was younger, I dreamt of having one son and one daughter – the perfect balance, I thought. After having my first child, a son, I found myself dreaming of tutus and glitter. But life had different plans for me, and I ended up with four wonderful boys.

As a mother of boys, my life has changed dramatically. I’ve traded my love for shopping and cute shoes for the simplicity of flip-flops and the occasional forgotten phone. So, who am I now? I’m a mom to four boys, and while it’s not what I initially envisioned, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

1. Boys Can Be Dramatic Too

There’s a common misconception that boys are less dramatic than girls. But let me tell you, if I had a quarter for every door slam, shout, or eye roll, I’d be a millionaire. So yes, boys can be dramatic, especially over seemingly trivial things like not getting to play first on PlayStation or having to part with a cheap fast food toy.

2. The Toilet Seat Battle

The toilet seat debate is an ongoing skirmish in our house, and I’ve learned to pick my battles. It’s easier to keep the seat up than sit in pee, or worse, having to nag about flushing. So, I’ve stopped yelling and started flushing it myself. It saves so much stress and spares my throat!

3. Bath Time Multiples

With boys, one bath a day just doesn’t cut it. Be prepared for 2-3 baths a day, not just because of the dirt, but also because of the stink. And don’t forget the drenching splashes, non-bathtub toys, soaked floors, and lots of towel laundry.

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4. Farts Are Funny

Boys find farts funny, and over time, you will too. The best ones are the laughing so hard they run away farting as they go. Sure, I remind them it’s not always polite, but then the laughter erupts again, and you just roll with it.

5. Be Ready For Heart-stopping Moments

Boys are rough and will often make your heart stop. I’m not just talking about tripping over shoelaces, but also more daredevil antics like jumping from couch to couch or dangling from the stair railings. Stock up on bandaids and keep your health insurance handy!

6. Embrace “Boy” Movies

Say goodbye to your “chick flicks” and hello to action-packed movies. I’ve learned to appreciate Star Wars, Indy, and even Pirates and Lord of the Rings. It’s a small price to pay for family movie night.

7. Messes Are The Norm

Boys are like mini tornados, leaving a trail of mess in their wake. You’ll find yourself constantly reminding them to pick up after themselves or doing it yourself. To manage, my 10 and 14-year-old have their own set of chores.

8. Food Consumption Is High

Boys eat a lot, and I mean a lot. Snacks, lunch, dinner – it doesn’t matter. They will eat anything and everything.

9. Expect A Lot Of Nudity

Boys love to be naked. Be prepared for underwear and makeshift gun holsters.

10. Guns, Guns, Guns

From toy guns to finger guns and even real guns, boys love their firearms. I’ve learned to accept it, even though I’m not particularly a fan.

11. Video Games Are Life

Video games are a big part of a boy’s life. I’ve had to set limits, but it’s not always easy. I’ve even found myself enjoying some of the war games they play.

12. Lots of Jeans and Shoes

Boys go through a lot of jeans and shoes. I’m still not sure how they manage to wear them out so fast, but it’s a reality you have to accept.

In conclusion, raising boys is a unique and fulfilling experience with its own set of challenges. If you’re expecting a boy, congratulations and welcome to the club! And if you’re already a boy mom, I’d love to hear your unique experiences and advice.

Aspect of Raising Boys Description
They Are Dramatic Boys can be just as dramatic as girls, often over seemingly trivial things like not getting to play a video game first.
You Will Lose The battle over keeping the toilet seat down and flushing is a constant struggle.
You Will Give Many Baths Boys tend to get messy, so be prepared for multiple baths a day.
Farts Are Funny Boys often find humor in bodily functions, and this is something to be embraced.
Be Prepared To Have A Heart Attack Boys often participate in daring and physically challenging activities, which can be nerve-wracking for parents.
Learn to Like “Boy” Movies With boys, expect to watch more action, adventure, and superhero movies than rom-coms or dramas.
Be Prepared For Messes Boys tend to be messy, so expect a lot of cleaning up.
You Will Go Though A Lot Of Food Boys tend to have big appetites, so be prepared for a constantly empty fridge and pantry.
You Will See A LOT Of Nudity Boys often have a carefree attitude towards nudity, especially when they’re young.
Be Prepared For Guns, Lots and Lots of Guns Boys often love playing with toy guns, and if you live in a hunting area, real ones may also be part of your life.
Video Games Are Life Boys often love video games, so expect to have a variety of consoles and games in your home.
You Go Through A LOT of Blue Jeans and Shoes Boys can be hard on their clothes and shoes, so expect to be replacing these items often.
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13. They Have Big Hearts

Boys are often seen as tough and rugged, but they also have big hearts. They can be incredibly affectionate, caring, and protective. Their love for their family is often fierce and palpable. Don’t be surprised when your son comes up to you out of the blue and gives you a big hug or tells you he loves you.

14. Sports Are A Big Deal

Boys are naturally competitive and sporty. They love to run, jump, and play. If your son shows interest in a particular sport, it’s a great opportunity to foster his skills and encourage his passion. Sports also teach them discipline, teamwork, and perseverance.

15. They Need Their Alone Time

Just like anyone else, boys need their alone time too. They may enjoy playing alone with their toys, reading, or just daydreaming. This alone time can be healthy for them as it fosters their creativity and independence.

16. Emotions Can Be Tricky

Boys, especially as they grow older, may have a hard time expressing their emotions. Society often tells them that they need to be tough and not show their feelings. As a parent, it’s important to let them know that it’s okay to express their emotions and that it doesn’t make them any less of a man.

17. They Love To Explore

Boys are naturally curious and love to explore their surroundings. They love to go on adventures, whether it’s in your backyard or at a local park. Encourage this curiosity and sense of adventure as it can lead to a lifelong love of learning.

18. Peer Pressure Can Be A Challenge

As boys grow older, peer pressure can become a challenge. They may start to feel the need to fit in and be accepted by their peers, which can sometimes lead to poor decisions. It’s important to have open and honest conversations about peer pressure and the importance of making good choices.

19. They Grow Up Fast

One moment they’re playing with toy cars and the next, they’re asking for the car keys. Boys grow up incredibly fast, so cherish every moment.

20. The Bond Between Brothers Is Special

If you have more than one boy, you’ll witness the special bond between brothers. They may fight and argue, but they also have each other’s backs and share a unique camaraderie.

21. They Look Up To Their Fathers

Boys often look up to their fathers as role models. They will often mimic their father’s actions, so it’s important for fathers to set a good example.

22. They Need Structure And Routine

Boys thrive on structure and routine. They like knowing what’s going to happen next and what’s expected of them. Having a daily routine can help them feel secure and confident.

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23. They Can Be Very Independent

Boys often like to do things on their own and can be very independent. Encourage this independence but also let them know that it’s okay to ask for help when they need it.

24. They Have A Lot Of Energy

Boys have a ton of energy and need plenty of physical activity. They love to run, jump, climb, and play. Physical activity is not just good for their health but also helps them focus and improves their mood.

In conclusion, raising boys is an adventure filled with joy, challenges, and lots of love. Every boy is unique and they all have their own personalities, interests, and quirks. As a parent, it’s your job to guide them, support them, and love them unconditionally. And remember, no matter how old they get, they’ll always be your little boy.

FAQs About Raising Boys

1. Are boys more dramatic than girls?

Boys can be just as dramatic as girls, especially over seemingly trivial matters.

2. How do you handle the toilet seat situation with boys?

Picking your battles and handling the flushing yourself can save a lot of stress and arguments.

3. How often should boys take a bath?

Boys tend to get dirtier and smellier than girls, so be prepared for 2-3 baths a day.

4. Do boys find farts funny?

Yes, boys find farts funny, and over time, you may find yourself laughing along with them.

5. Are boys more prone to accidents?

Boys tend to be rougher and more adventurous, often leading to heart-stopping moments and minor injuries.

6. Do boys like action movies?

Yes, instead of “chick flicks”, be prepared for action-packed movies like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Lord of the Rings.

7. Do boys make a lot of mess?

Boys can be like mini tornados, leaving a trail of mess in their wake. Assigning chores can help manage this.

8. Do boys eat a lot?

Boys have a high food consumption rate. They can eat anything and everything, at any time.

9. Do boys enjoy being naked?

Yes, boys love to be naked. Be prepared for a lot of underwear sightings and makeshift gun holsters.

10. Do boys love guns?

Boys have a fascination with firearms, from toy guns to finger guns and even real guns.

11. Are video games a big part of a boy’s life?

Yes, video games are a significant part of a boy’s life. Setting limits can be a challenge but is necessary.

12. Do boys go through a lot of jeans and shoes?

Boys tend to wear out their jeans and shoes quickly. Be prepared for frequent replacements.

Table: Things to Know About Raising Boys

| No. | Things to Know |
| — | — |
| 1 | Boys can be dramatic. |
| 2 | Toilet seat battles are common. |
| 3 | Boys need frequent baths. |
| 4 | Boys find farts funny. |
| 5 | Be ready for heart-stopping moments. |
| 6 | Embrace “boy” movies. |
| 7 | Messes are the norm. |
| 8 | Food consumption is high. |
| 9 | Expect a lot of nudity. |
| 10 | Boys love guns. |
| 11 | Video games are life. |
| 12 | Boys wear out jeans and shoes quickly. |

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