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Introduction to 12 Strong: Theaters

The heart of a hero, the courage of a warrior, and the honor of serving one’s nation are all brought to life in the movie “12 Strong.” Released in theaters around the globe, this remarkable film features notable actors Chris Hemsworth and Oscar nominee Michael Shannon. With these brilliant actors leading our journey into the heart of war, “12 Strong” is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of unity in the face of adversity.

What is “12 Strong” About?

“12 Strong” is a powerful war drama produced by Alcon Entertainment, Black Label Media, and Jerry Bruckheimer Films. It’s based on the best-selling book, “Horse Soldiers,” by Doug Stanton. This compelling narrative takes viewers on a riveting journey, unfolding the gripping true events that took place in the wake of 9/11.

12 Strong: Theaters Release and Reception

Upon its release in theaters, “12 Strong” was met with an overwhelming response. Audiences were captivated by the realistic portrayal of the war and its aftermath, and the film’s stark depiction of heroism struck a chord with viewers around the world.

Star-Studded Cast

Chris Hemsworth, known for his roles in “Thor” and “The Avengers” films, delivers a powerful performance in “12 Strong.” His portrayal of a determined soldier is both compelling and heart-wrenching. Alongside him, Oscar nominee Michael Shannon, known for his performances in “Revolutionary Road” and “Nocturnal Animals,” adds depth and intensity to the film’s narrative.

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Frequently Asked Questions about 12 Strong

Is “12 Strong” Based on a True Story?

Yes, “12 Strong” is based on true events. The film is a cinematic adaptation of Doug Stanton’s best-selling book “Horse Soldiers,” which recounts the real-life heroics of a small band of American soldiers in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.

Where Can I Watch “12 Strong”?

“12 Strong” was released in theaters worldwide. Check your local listings for availability and showtimes. You can also find it on various streaming platforms.


In conclusion, “12 Strong” is more than just a movie. It’s a testament to the human spirit, a tribute to the heroes who risked everything in the aftermath of 9/11. This war drama, available in theaters and on select streaming platforms, is a must-watch for anyone seeking an intense, emotional cinematic experience.

Experience the heart of a hero and the courage of a warrior in “12 Strong.” Catch it in theaters or on your favorite streaming platform today.

| Category | Details |
| Movie Title | 12 Strong |
| Lead Actors | Chris Hemsworth (Thor, The Avengers films) and Oscar nominee Michael Shannon (Revolutionary Road, Nocturnal Animals) |
| Production Companies | Alcon Entertainment, Black Label Media, Jerry Bruckheimer Films |
| Based On | “Horse Soldiers,” a best-selling book by Doug Stanton |
| Plot | A story of heroism based on true events that unfolded in the aftermath of 9/11 |
| Key Themes | Heroism, Courage, Warfare |
| Type of Film | War Drama |
| Release Date | 2018 |
| Running Time | 130 minutes |
| Genre | Action, Drama, History |
| Language | English |
| Country of Origin | USA |
| Director | Nicolai Fuglsig |
| Screenplay | Ted Tally, Peter Craig |
| Notable Reviews | “This war film has the heart of a hero and the courage of a warrior.” |
| Awards and Nominations | Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Actor in an Action Movie (Chris Hemsworth) |
| Box Office | $71.1 million worldwide |
| IMDb Rating | 6.6/10 |
| Rotten Tomatoes Rating | 50% |
| Metacritic Score | 54 out of 100 |

Detailed Synopsis of “12 Strong”

“12 Strong” is set in the harrowing days following 9/11 when a U.S. Special Forces team, led by their new Captain, Mitch Nelson (Chris Hemsworth), is chosen to be the first U.S. troops sent into Afghanistan for an extremely dangerous mission. Despite overwhelming odds, they work with a local Afghan warlord to take down the Taliban.

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Behind the Scenes of “12 Strong”

The film, directed by Nicolai Fuglsig, offers an immersive cinematic experience. The film’s war scenes were crafted with meticulous detail, making the audience feel as though they were right there on the battlefield. The film’s production design, cinematography, and special effects all contribute to this visceral sense of realism.

Role of Jerry Bruckheimer Films in “12 Strong”

Jerry Bruckheimer Films, known for producing high-octane action films like “Top Gun” and “Pirates of the Caribbean,” played a significant role in bringing “12 Strong” to life. The production company’s trademark blend of action, drama, and spectacle is evident in every frame of the film.

Box Office Performance of “12 Strong”

“12 Strong” performed well at the box office, earning over $70 million globally. The film’s success is a testament to its gripping storytelling, compelling performances, and its respectful and poignant depiction of a significant moment in recent history.

Impact and Significance of “12 Strong”

“12 Strong” holds a mirror to the courage and resilience of the soldiers who risked their lives in the aftermath of 9/11. It serves as a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made by these men and the enduring strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

The Critiques and Praises of “12 Strong”

While “12 Strong” received mixed reviews from critics, it was praised by audiences for its performances, particularly those of Chris Hemsworth and Michael Shannon. Critics noted the film’s intense action sequences and its compelling depiction of a lesser-known aspect of the war in Afghanistan.

Frequently Asked Questions about 12 Strong

Who are the real heroes behind “12 Strong”?

The real heroes behind “12 Strong” are the soldiers of the U.S. Special Forces team who were the first to be deployed to Afghanistan following the 9/11 attacks. Their bravery and determination in the face of overwhelming odds are the inspiration for the film.

Did “12 Strong” win any awards?

While “12 Strong” did not win any major awards, its box office success and positive audience reception are a testament to its impact and significance.

In Conclusion

“12 Strong” is more than just a war film. It is a tribute to the courage and resilience of the human spirit, a testament to the sacrifices made by those on the front lines, and a poignant reminder of a significant moment in recent history. Whether you catch it in theaters or on your favorite streaming platform, “12 Strong” is a cinematic experience not to be missed.

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Experience the courage, strength, and resilience of the “12 Strong” heroes. Watch it today in theaters or on your favorite streaming platform.

Additional FAQs about 12 Strong: Theaters

Who directed “12 Strong”?

“12 Strong” was directed by Nicolai Fuglsig, a Danish filmmaker known for his work in the commercial and documentary film industry.

Who are the other cast members of “12 Strong”?

Besides Chris Hemsworth and Michael Shannon, “12 Strong” also features performances from actors such as Michael Peña, Trevante Rhodes, Geoff Stults, and Navid Negahban.

What is the runtime of “12 Strong”?

“12 Strong” has a runtime of approximately 130 minutes.

What is the rating of “12 Strong”?

The movie is rated R for war violence and language throughout.

What awards has “12 Strong” won?

Although “12 Strong” didn’t win any major awards, it was highly appreciated by the audience for its realistic portrayal of war and heroism.

12 Strong: Theaters Showtime Table

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“12 Strong: Theaters” is a gripping war drama that pays tribute to real-life heroes. With its star-studded cast, intense narrative, and realistic portrayal of war, it’s a must-watch for any film enthusiast. Don’t miss the chance to experience this remarkable film in theaters or on your favorite streaming platform.

Experience the heart of a hero and the courage of a warrior in “12 Strong: Theaters.” Catch it today.

Note: The information in this article is subject to change according to the availability and schedule of “12 Strong: Theaters.”

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