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This post is sponsored by the vision council, all information comes from their findings, however all opinions in this post are 100% my own. When it comes to protecting your eyes, do you know all the facts?  If your like me chances are the answer is NO!  Below you will find some facts, what to look for and advice on what to do to protect your child’s eyes!

Little Man is wearing some styling sunglasses from Baby BanZ!

UV radiation endangers an unprotected eye in ways that can lead to vision impairment. Just small amounts of intense UV exposure can cause short-term problems, ranging from irritating to overtly painful. The following symptoms may indicate over-exposure to UV.

  • Bloodshot Eyes
  • Swollen Eyes
  • Hyper-Sensitivity to Light

The most extreme of these temporary problems is photokeratitis, which is sunburn of the eye. While it can result in vision loss for up to 48 hours, symptoms will dissipate eventually. If your child has suffered a bad sunburn on his or her face, & Complains of the following symptoms they should be taken seriously and a doctor should be consulted immediately.

  • Red Eyes – Skin around the eyes is red and appears to be sunburned
  • Extreme Sensitivity to light – constantly tearing
  • Disrupted Sleep – Feeling that eyes are burning, itching, or scratchy
  • Severe eye pain & spasims of the eye or eye lid

Over time, the cumulative effects of sunlight can lead to eye diseases and conditions later in life. While some damage can be reversed through surgery, other conditions, like cataracts and macular degeneration, may result in permanent vision loss. It is never too early or too soon to protect your children’s eyes from UV exposure.  Now that you know what to look for, what can you do to help your little one and yourself? 

  • Limit outdoor time between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. when the UV radiation is strongest.  Sometimes this isn’t an option and thats when a good pair of UVA/UBV Sunglasses come into play!  
  • Have your child wear their UVA/UVB Sunglasses anytime they are outside, sunny or cloudy, the UV rays still come through on cloudy days ( I never knew!)
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Now you’re probably wondering what to look for when buying sunglasses, you don’t want to waist your money on something that isn’t going to help, right?!

  • Look for the UVA/UVB Sticker
  • Shop a credable source, chances are those vendors in the middle of the mall or the sidewalk don’t have true UV protection.
  • Make sure they are comfortable…you wont wear something that isn’t comfortable, neither will your child!
Sunglass options for Kids

But how do I get them to wear them?  They keep taking them off….Routine, Routine, Routine! Every time you head outdoors put them on, make sure they see you put yours on.  Once they feel the difference from direct sun to the sunglasses they will more than likely catch on and leave them on.  Don’t be fooled by price!  Expensive does not mean better!  Plastic sunglasses are inexpensive and come in many colors and styles.  Also look for Polycarbonate lenses if your child is rough or into sports they are more able to withstand rough play.  Look through the sunglasses before you buy them..see if they distort what your child is looking at, I know I wouldn’t want to walk around in a distorted world!  We use Baby BanZ & KidZ BanZ because they have a comfortable strap to hold them on little mans face.  

My other little man rocking his KidZ BanZ

LEAD BY EXAMPLE!  I LOVE my sunglasses!  I have many different styles including these Vestry Sunglasses from Nicole Miller!  One of my favorite pair Kids learn by watching their parents…what better way to teach them to wear sunglasses than by wearing your favorite pair and protecting your eyes as well!

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Hats should never be used instead of sunglasses, UV can reflect off of surfaces like sand, water & even concrete…here are a few fact you may not know, I sure didn’t! Frequent sunglass use comes with practice. Reinforcing healthy behaviors by making your kids routinely wear sunglasseswill help to get them in the habit of protecting their eyes. Set an example by always remembering to wear your own shades. How often do you or your children wear sunglasses?  Were you surprised by any of the stats?

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