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If you remember I had the opportunity to meet the CEO of Pura Vida Tequila & Godsmack, as well as attend the Rockstar UpRoar Music Festival. If you haven’t read about my experience yet, you can read about it here. As part of this experience I also have the opportunity to review Pura Vida Tequila and create recipes using them.

Lets start with a meal that your family and friends will love: Tequila Lime Chicken Tacos! It’s easy to make and it’s delicious!

The chicken is marinated in a homemade tequila lime & cilantro marinade and then grilled. Simply top with cheese, cilantro leaves and garnish with a lime to squeeze over the whole thing.

Tequila Lime Chicken Tacos

  1. 3 Large Chicken Breasts
  2. 6 Limes
  3. 1 Bundle Fresh Cilantro
  4. 1/2 Cup of Pura Vida Tequila Silver
  5. Salt
  6. Pepper
  7. Tortillas
  1. Blend together Tequila, lime juice from 2 limes, salt & pepper to taste, & 1/4c of cilantro leaves
  2. Place chicken breasts along with blended marinade into ziploc bag. Let marinade in fridge for 3 hours.
  3. Take chicken out and grill on hot grill until done, usually around 20 min (10 min each side)
  4. Cut chicken into strips
  5. Enjoy with shredded cheese, cilantro leaves, & lime slices
  1. For a different option, cut the chicken into strips before marinading and cook in a skillet or griddle.

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These tacos were made with Pura Vida Tequila Silver.  Pura Vida Silver delivers pure agave flavor and unparalleled drinking pleasure when making your favorite cocktail or the ultimate margarita. But purists may prefer to simply savor its untarnished agave flavor on its own – unchilled and unadulterated. Aroma: Pure Blue Agave, mint, jasmine and laurel. Taste: Smooth taste of agave with a touch of thyme, jasmine flavor. The tequila has various Blue Agave elements with a slightly spicy smooth finish to it. Finish: Warm

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Pura Vida, español for pure life or the good life, means living life to the fullest, pushing the limits of excitement, or, as far as your sense of adventure takes you. 

 Be sure to check out some of my other recipes utilizing other delish Pura Vida Tequilas

& Remember to ALWAYS drink responsibly! 

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