Micro Drone 3.0: Flight in the Palm of Your Hand

I don’t share kickstarter or Indiegogo campaigns often, but I knew you guys would love this one!  

Micro Drone 3.0 is the first of its kind in personal drone that combines expandable modular technology, sensor-assisted flying and a micro-gimbal for live streaming video. It is perfect for the professional drone enthusiast and those new to flying drones and want a great starter drone.


Small and lightweight, you can take it anywhere with no hassle. The flight options allows for auto-leveling, inverted flying, sensor assisted flying in up to 45 mph winds and ranging up to 300 feet. The video features include live-streaming video, first person view headset display, the world’s smallest gimbal, editing suite, 720 X 1280 HD at 30 fps and social media integration.

The sensors on the Micro Drone 3.0 work together beautifully to provide amazing stable flight while sending live video to your smartphone or virtual reality headset. No amount of pushing, prodding or poking will keep it from flying.

I know what my boys will be asking for this Christmas…I can just see the house now…

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