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Unveiling the Chocolate Easter Bunny Surprise

As we approach the eighth day of our #12DaysOf Easter Crafts and Recipes, we are shifting gears a bit. Today, we are focusing more on an edible craft than a recipe. This is perfect for those looking to impress without spending hours in the kitchen. Our spotlight is on the beloved chocolate Easter bunny surprise.


Welcome back today number eight of our ‪#‎12DaysOf‬ Easter Crafts and Recipes!  We have seen so many amazing recipes the past few days, but today we bring you something a little more edible craft than recipe.  This will be exceptionally helpful for those who prefer the “wow” without all the work.

Do you like those big hollow Easter Bunnies?  Mom Does Reviews thinks a hollow bunny can be a big disappointment to little ones, so Victoria set out make it better from this Easter on!  Her daughter’s love for surprise reveal eggs inspired her make a Chocolate Easter Bunny Surprise!  Once your little one opens up their, usually hollow, bunny and discovers all of the goodies inside – he/she will be thrilled!


Stop by Mom Does Reviews to learn how to stuff your bunny full of goodies. Be sure to check out the rest of our fantastic friends’ Easter crafts and recipes below:

The Usual Disappointment of the Hollow Bunny

Easter is synonymous with chocolate, and what’s more iconic than a chocolate Easter bunny? However, those big hollow bunnies can often be a letdown, especially for eager little ones expecting a solid, chocolatey treat. This sentiment is shared by Mom Does Reviews, a popular blog for craft and recipe ideas.

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Reinventing the Chocolate Easter Bunny

Mom Does Reviews took matters into their own hands, determined to turn the tide on the hollow bunny disappointment. Victoria, a regular contributor, was inspired by her daughter’s love for surprise reveal eggs. Thus, the chocolate Easter bunny surprise was born! Imagine the delight on a child’s face when they open their Easter bunny, expecting it to be hollow, only to find it filled with delightful goodies. The thrill is unmatchable!

Creating Your Own Chocolate Easter Bunny Surprise

Ready to make your own chocolate Easter bunny surprise? It’s easier than you think! Mom Does Reviews provides a comprehensive guide on how to stuff your bunny full of treats. The process is simple yet gratifying, and the end result is sure to make Easter more enjoyable for your little ones.

Click here to learn how to create your own chocolate Easter bunny surprise. We promise you won’t regret it!

More Than Just a Craft: The Chocolate Easter Bunny Surprise

The chocolate Easter bunny surprise isn’t just an edible craft; it’s a way to add a little more joy and excitement to the Easter celebrations. Instead of simply biting into a hollow chocolate bunny, children get the thrill of discovering hidden goodies within their chocolate treat. It’s a simple twist on a traditional Easter staple that can make a world of difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I fill the bunny with?

The possibilities are endless! You could fill your bunny with mini chocolates, jelly beans, or even small toys. Just make sure whatever you choose is safe for your child to consume or play with.

Can I use any chocolate bunny?

Yes, any hollow chocolate bunny should work. But remember, the larger the bunny, the more goodies you can fit inside!

Final Thoughts

Making a chocolate Easter bunny surprise is a fun and easy way to add a little extra magic to your Easter celebrations. Not only will the children be thrilled, but you’ll also get the satisfaction of creating a memorable experience for them. So why not give it a try this year? Happy crafting, and even happier Easter!

A Deeper Dive into the Chocolate Easter Bunny Surprise

Let’s dive deeper into the world of the chocolate Easter bunny surprise. This simple yet innovative idea has revolutionized the way children enjoy their Easter treats. It’s not just about the chocolate anymore; it’s about the anticipation of what lies within the chocolate shell. The surprise element adds a whole new dimension to the Easter celebrations.

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Why Choose a Chocolate Easter Bunny Surprise?

Choosing a chocolate Easter bunny surprise over a traditional hollow bunny can elevate your Easter celebration. It adds an element of anticipation and excitement that a plain chocolate bunny simply can’t match. It’s the perfect way to keep the little ones engaged and excited throughout the Easter festivities.

The Art of Crafting a Chocolate Easter Bunny Surprise

Creating a chocolate Easter bunny surprise is an art in itself. It’s not just about stuffing the bunny with treats; it’s about creating a memorable experience for your child. The joy and excitement on their faces when they discover the hidden treasures within the bunny is priceless.

Choosing the Perfect Bunny

Not all chocolate bunnies are created equal. The quality of the chocolate can profoundly impact the overall experience. Opt for a high-quality chocolate bunny to ensure the best taste and texture. The size of the bunny also matters. The bigger the bunny, the more surprises you can fit inside!

Choosing the Perfect Surprises

Choosing the perfect surprises to fill your chocolate Easter bunny surprise is a crucial step. The surprises should be small enough to fit inside the bunny and safe for your child to consume or play with. The surprises should also be exciting and appealing to your child. Popular choices include mini chocolates, jelly beans, and small toys.

Sealing the Bunny

Once the bunny is filled with surprises, it’s time to seal it up. This step requires a bit of finesse. The bunny should be sealed in such a way that it looks untouched. This way, the surprise element remains intact. Mom Does Reviews provides a detailed guide on how to perfectly seal your bunny.


Can I make a chocolate Easter bunny surprise at home?

Yes, absolutely! With a bit of patience and creativity, you can easily create a chocolate Easter bunny surprise at home. All you need is a hollow chocolate bunny and some surprises to fill it with.

Is it safe for children?

Yes, it is safe for children as long as the surprises you choose are safe for them to consume or play with. Always supervise your children while they are enjoying their chocolate Easter bunny surprise to ensure their safety.


A chocolate Easter bunny surprise is the perfect way to add a twist to your Easter celebrations. It’s not just a treat; it’s an experience. It’s a way to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones. So why not try it this year? You’ll be surprised at how much joy such a simple idea can bring. Happy Easter!

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Additional Frequently Asked Questions

Is the chocolate Easter bunny surprise suitable for all ages?

Yes, the chocolate Easter bunny surprise is suitable for everyone. However, the contents inside the bunny should be age-appropriate. For instance, avoid small toys for children under 3 years old due to the choking hazard they pose.

Can I use different types of chocolate for the bunny?

Absolutely! You can use dark, milk, or white chocolate depending on your preference. You can even use a combination of these for a unique twist. Just ensure that the chocolate bunny you choose is hollow.

How long does it take to make a chocolate Easter bunny surprise?

It doesn’t take much time at all! The process mainly involves purchasing a hollow chocolate bunny, melting the bottom slightly, filling it with goodies, and then sealing it back. The entire process should take around 15-20 minutes, excluding the time needed for the chocolate to re-harden.

Can I make a chocolate Easter bunny surprise in advance?

Yes, you can make a chocolate Easter bunny surprise in advance. Once sealed, store it in a cool, dry place until Easter. This can be a great time-saving tip if you’re making multiple chocolate Easter bunny surprises.

Can I use a homemade chocolate bunny?

Yes, if you prefer to make your chocolate bunny from scratch, that’s perfectly fine. Just ensure that it’s hollow so you can fill it with your chosen surprises.

Can I customize the chocolate Easter bunny surprise?

Of course! The chocolate Easter bunny surprise is meant to be a fun and customizable craft. You can choose the type of chocolate, the size of the bunny, and the surprises inside. You could even add a personal touch by wrapping it in a special way or adding a personal note.

Chocolate Easter Bunny Surprise: Step by Step

Step Instructions
1 Purchase a hollow chocolate bunny.
2 Melt the bottom of the bunny slightly.
3 Fill it with your chosen goodies.
4 Seal the bottom back by re-melting the chocolate.
5 Let it harden and then it’s ready to be gifted!

Types of Goodies for Your Chocolate Easter Bunny Surprise

Type Examples
Mini Chocolates Chocolate eggs, chocolate coins, M&M’s
Jelly Beans Assorted flavors, sour jelly beans, gourmet jelly beans
Small Toys Small figurines, mini puzzles, toy cars

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