Netflix & Dinotrux Are Here To Help With Your Bedtime Staller Help!

Beating the Netflix-Dinotrux Bedtime Staller

It’s no secret that more than 60% of parents around the globe are dealing with kids’ stall tactics before bed. This equates to nearly 20 minutes every single night. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Let’s look at a real-life example. Meet Baby number 4 – a little boy who’s a bit spoiled. From day one, he slept in his parents’ room and even co-slept for most of his first year. He moved to his own room a few months before he turned two. But over the last couple of months, bedtime stalls have been a daily issue.

The Art of Bedtime Excuses

Now, Baby number 4’s stalls aren’t as comical as most. It’s not just the classic “I need to go potty” or the timeless “Can I read another book?”. No, this little guy takes it a step further. He’ll bring a book to his parents, clamber into their bed and then completely ignore the book in favor of watching TV. He’s learned that he can stall bedtime by snuggling up and watching a movie with his parents, a habit that he picked up when he roomed with them during his first two years.

Check out this video to see some of these creative bedtime stalls in action.

Enter Netflix and Dinotrux

So how do parents gain the upper hand in this bedtime battle? The answer is surprisingly simple: Netflix and the Dinotrux series. This is where the Netflix-Dinotrux bedtime staller comes into play.

Netflix and DreamWorks Animation have launched Dinotrux 5 Minute Favorites. These are episodes of the hit show condensed into a neat, 5-minute package. It’s the perfect solution for the age-old ‘just five more minutes’ ploy. In just 300 seconds, your kids will be speechless. They’ll head to bed, thinking they’ve won the battle. Score: Parents – 1, Kids’ stalls – 0.

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Does the Netflix-Dinotrux Bedtime Staller Work?

Well, Baby number 4 is a big fan of Netflix and Dinotrux. Being able to let him watch a full show in just 5 minutes while getting his bedtime snuggles in is a win-win for both him and his parents. The only question that remains is how creative his bedtime excuses will get as he grows older.

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| Baby Number | Sleeping Arrangement | Bedtime Stalls | Bedtime Excuses | Solution |
| 4 | Co-slept in parents’ room for the first year | Yes | Reading books, watching TV, needing to go potty | Netflix’s 5-minute shows |
| 3 | Not mentioned | Not mentioned | Not mentioned | Not mentioned |
| 2 | Not mentioned | Not mentioned | Not mentioned | Not mentioned |
| 1 | Not mentioned | Only needed water | Only needed water | Not mentioned |

Understanding the Netflix-Dinotrux Bedtime Staller Tactic

Before we delve into the effective strategy of the Netflix-Dinotrux bedtime staller, it’s crucial to understand the concept. Essentially, it’s a clever method devised by parents to counter the classic “just five more minutes” plea from children at bedtime. The idea is to utilize Netflix’s 5-minute long episodes of Dinotrux to satisfy the child’s request without stretching bedtime. This approach not only provides the child a sense of victory but also ensures that bedtime isn’t excessively delayed. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

The Ingenious Strategy Behind the Netflix-Dinotrux Bedtime Staller

The Netflix-Dinotrux bedtime staller isn’t a random solution. It’s a thoughtfully crafted strategy that leverages children’s love for television and their favorite shows. The genius lies in the fact that it satisfies the child’s request to stay up a little longer, but within a controlled time frame. This way, the child feels heard and respected, which can significantly reduce bedtime resistance.

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Getting to Know Dinotrux

Dinotrux is a popular animated series that has captivated the hearts of many children. The show features captivating characters that are a combination of dinosaurs and construction vehicles. The storyline is engaging, and the characters are relatable, making it a hit among kids. The 5-minute episodes provide a quick burst of entertainment without dragging bedtime.

Implementing the Netflix-Dinotrux Bedtime Staller

Implementing the Netflix-Dinotrux bedtime staller is straightforward. When your child requests for “just five more minutes” before bedtime, simply play one of the Dinotrux 5 Minute Favorites. This allows the child to enjoy a complete episode of their favorite show without significantly delaying bedtime. The success of this strategy lies in its simplicity and effectiveness.

Addressing Potential Concerns

While the Netflix-Dinotrux bedtime staller strategy is highly effective, it’s important to address potential concerns. Some parents might worry that this method encourages screen time before bed, which can interfere with sleep. However, the short duration of the Dinotrux episodes ensures that screen time is minimal. Furthermore, the strategy should be used as a last resort and not a regular bedtime routine. It’s also crucial to ensure that the child understands that this is a special treat and not a nightly occurrence.

Exploring Other Bedtime Staller Solutions

While the Netflix-Dinotrux bedtime staller is a powerful tool, it’s not the only solution. Other methods can include setting a strict bedtime routine, using a visual timer to indicate remaining playtime, or reading a short story. The key is to experiment with different strategies and find what works best for your child. Remember, consistency is key.


The Netflix-Dinotrux bedtime staller is an ingenious strategy that can help parents manage the classic “just five more minutes” plea. By leveraging the child’s love for television, this method ensures that bedtime isn’t excessively delayed. It’s a win-win solution that respects the child’s request while maintaining parental control over bedtime. However, it’s crucial to use this strategy wisely to avoid promoting excessive screen time.

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What is the Netflix-Dinotrux Bedtime Staller?

The Netflix-Dinotrux Bedtime Staller is a strategy that uses the Dinotrux 5 Minute Favorites series on Netflix to combat children’s bedtime stall tactics. The series features episodes of the hit show condensed into a neat, 5-minute package. This strategy is designed to satisfy kids’ desire for ‘just five more minutes’ of TV time before bed, while ensuring that they still go to bed on time.


How does the Netflix-Dinotrux Bedtime Staller work?

The Netflix-Dinotrux Bedtime Staller works by allowing children to watch a full episode of Dinotrux in just 5 minutes. This satisfies their desire to stay up and watch TV, while still ensuring that they go to bed on time. The strategy is designed to make kids feel like they’ve won the battle, while parents actually gain the upper hand.


Is the Netflix-Dinotrux Bedtime Staller effective?

Yes, the Netflix-Dinotrux Bedtime Staller has proven to be effective in dealing with children’s bedtime stall tactics. For example, Baby number 4, a big fan of Netflix and Dinotrux, has responded positively to the strategy. He gets to watch a full show in just 5 minutes while getting his bedtime snuggles in, which is a win-win for both him and his parents.


What are some other strategies to deal with kids’ bedtime stalls?

Other strategies to deal with kids’ bedtime stalls include setting a strict bedtime routine, limiting screen time before bed, and using a bedtime reward chart. However, the effectiveness of these strategies can vary depending on the child.

Strategy Description
Strict Bedtime Routine Setting a strict bedtime routine can help children understand when it’s time to go to bed and reduce their stall tactics.
Limit Screen Time Limiting screen time before bed can help children wind down and prepare for sleep, reducing their desire to stall.
Bedtime Reward Chart A bedtime reward chart can incentivize children to go to bed on time, reducing their stall tactics.


What is the Dinotrux series?

The Dinotrux series is a popular children’s show on Netflix. It features a world of giant creatures that are half dinosaur, half construction vehicle. The series is known for its engaging storylines and colorful animation.

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