Conversation is Sexy Book Review

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Conversation Is Sexy is a best-selling book written by Todd R. Reed.  Todd boasts nearly two decades of on-air radio, television, and coaching experience. From calling the shots as a sports anchor, to hosting morning drive-time segments and live call-in shows, this four-time, award-winning Broadcaster of the Year has covered the gamut. This book has created a buzz from coast to coast, making Coach Todd a media magnet. Chances are you’ve read about him in national/international magazines—like Woman’s World and Men’s Health Singapore. Or, perhaps you’ve recently heard him on one of over two dozen radio shows…in one memorable segment, host Dr. Alvin Augustus Jones (CBS Radio – Washington, D.C.) dubbed Coach Todd “Mr. Lover, Lover.”

Coach Todd reveals how and why: 

  • Men are rabbits and women are turtles when it comes to sex and passion
  • Fueling her emotional tank or being the sensual, passionate woman he craves can take your relationship to a new level
  • Eliminating the phrase “I love you” can do wonders for your relationship
  • Ten minutes of conversation before bed can ignite passion
  • Kissing with your eyes (slightly) open can turn up the heat in your relationship
  • Jealousy can actually bring you closer together
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